Carla Bruni sublime and totally surprising: she bewitches the Web!

Carla Bruni is very active on Instagram. No doubt nostalgic for when she was one of the world’s most famous models, she shares some great snaps. The years suit her well, she who has never been so beautiful. She seems totally fulfilled, so much so that she tries new looks. Recently, it was in teenage attire that she presented herself, to the delight of her fans who totally validate the outfit.

Carla Bruni shares photos of a surprising look

As for Paris, is it autumn? And that you desperately want to go to the Jova Beach Party tonight!“, writes Carla Bruni to justify her choice of outfit. “The ardor of a teenager”, writes a surfer. You won’t find a better summary. To celebrate the end of summer, which is fast approaching, the former first lady wears loose jogging, a basic white t-shirt and a bucket hat. tie-dye. An outfit that would not have been out of place in the 80s. Enough to plunge Carla Bruni into her teenage memories.

As a former model, Carla Bruni is well placed to know that fashion evolves thanks to people who try. You have to try new looks, new materials, new colors, new combinations. She proves here that she has the experience in the matter since this surprising look is a success. This proves, moreover, that the choice of clothing is important to rejuvenate or age. On these shots, Carla Bruni looks twenty years younger. We don’t tell you that buying a bob will make your wrinkles disappear. But when the look is neat, its presence plays a decisive role. They are in any case more than 7,000 to have liked this look. What if this was the trend for this late summer and early fall?

Carla Bruni recalls meeting Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II has died aged 96. She leaves her family and an entire country in mourning. Tributes were quickly made, all over the world. The personalities remember, for those who had this chance, their meeting with the queen. Carla Bruni, as first lady when her husband Nicolas Sarkozy is president, has the opportunity to meet the queen. She remembered it with detail and emotion.

Meeting the Queen is a naturally stressful time. Even though I had prepared myself, I was worried and very nervous, and at the same time curious and very impatient. The expression fairy tale is totally appropriate here: we enter a fairy tale in the cinematographic sense. What struck me first, on meeting Her Majesty the Queen, was the extreme simplicity with which she presented herself. You are in front of the Queen and she seems surprisingly approachable. To the exceptional nature of the meeting, she opposes a kindness, a benevolence and a humanity which all the more bring out all the strength. »

His meeting with Nicolas Sarkozy

While she initially refuses to have dinner with him (“ with this right-wing president? Never“), Carla Bruni ends up accepting. When she meets Nicolas Sarkozy, it’s love at first sight. She is thus convinced, after having spent the evening with him, that she has found the man of her life. But the latter does not call her back immediately. He takes a little too long for his liking.

Maybe I was hoping for something. We had to see, we had to wait. He still called me back only at 4 p.m. the next day. I still want him. He still pays! “. Nicolas Sarkozy, for his part, remembers having pulled out all the stops to seduce the one who will become his wife. To do so, he did not hesitate to share with her an idea of ​​a very bling-bling future for two: “ Tu are going to sing at the Casino de Paris. We will announce our engagement. We’ll do better than Marilyn and Kennedy he whispered in her ear. It perfectly worked. Indeed, they got married a year later, before founding their own family with their little girl.

Carla Bruni sublime and totally surprising: she bewitches the Web!