Bonus TV 2022, we go from 30 to 50 euros with the Aid bis decree: what to know

There is no shortage of news in the Aid decree bisrecently converted into law, and one of these concerns the TV bonus. This is a subsidy provided by the Government, in order to financially support families who intend to buy a device updated to the new digital terrestrial technologies (DVB T2 decoder). Only in this way is it possible to continue watching television programs.

The state subsidy was designed to provide financial support to households with a low income, to have at home equipment updated with respect to the path started from 15 November last year, with which the TV broadcasters started the transition to the MPEG-4 standard. The switch off of the signal has in fact already started in 2021 and includes a series of stages. While from January 2023 the DVB T2 standard will arrive in all regions of Italy and national and local TVs will necessarily switch to this new technology.

In particular, the novelty indicated in the Aid bis decree concerns theamount of the bonus for the purchase of compatible deviceswhich is almost doubled, from 30 to 50 euros. Let’s briefly recap the mechanism of the subsidy and how to apply.

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2022 TV bonus: new amount, features and requirements

It should be remembered that the TV bonus it is not aimed at all families, but rather at nuclei with a ISEE below 20 thousand euros per year. The use of the contribution is specifically aimed at the purchase of a decoder to update the TV to the new standards.

In fact, the concession will be active until the end of the year (except for extensions), and is basically a discount to be requested from the seller on the price of the device. The bonus is also valid for products already discounted by the seller and also operates on purchases made via the web.

As mentioned, the amount of the TV bonus was equal to 30 euros, while now, as a result of the Aid bis decree, lo discount has increased to 50 euros, as established by art. 28 of the aforementioned provision.

But beware of do not confuse the TV bonus with the separate TV scrapping bonus, corresponding to 20% of the purchase price of the new TV and up to an amount equal to 100 euros. There is no ISEE limit for this facility, but it will have a one-off application for each household – just like the TV bonus mentioned above – as long as an old device is scrapped, thus helping to lend a hand to the environment.

How to get the 2022 TV bonus discount?

We said that the benefit is now equal to 50 euros and no longer 30, but how do you actually get it? Well, the interested party must take into account the following instructions:

  • must show the seller aself-certification signed for the TV bonus application and in it he must declare that his family unit has an ISEE that does not exceed 20 thousand euros per year. In the document, the buyer must also declare that no other member of the nucleus has already taken advantage of this bonus;
  • the form forself-certification it can be downloaded from the official website of the MISE, but the buyer can also obtain it at the shop where the purchase is made;
  • it is not necessary to show the trader the document relating to the ISEE, since in the form of the request to obtain the subsidy, a self-declaration appears as a self-declaration stating that he belongs to a family with Isee in the first or second bracket.

Regarding the methods of payment, freedom is allowed as the person interested in taking advantage of the TV bonus can pay both in cash and in electronic format. There is time until December 31 to apply for the discount, unless extended.

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The test before buying a new TV and an ad hoc discount for the elderly

Before purchasing a new TV, the interested party can check if the equipment already owned has the new requirements by making a special test and tuning the television to channel 100 or 200 of the digital terrestrial. In case the message appears HEVC Main test the television is compatible with the DVB T2 Main 10 standard. Otherwise, in the event of a black screen, it will be necessary to purchase another device or a new generation decoder, possibly taking advantage of the TV bonus if the ISEE requirement exists.

Finally, remember that for the over seventy there is a special concession. This is the delivery by the post office of a decoder worth 30 euros at your home and therefore without having to leave the house to go and collect it. But be careful: the benefit is only valid for the recipients of a pension check below 20 thousand euros.

For any further information and to download the application form, please refer to ad hoc page of the MISE website.


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Bonus TV 2022, we go from 30 to 50 euros with the Aid bis decree: what to know