Atilana Martínez guarantees free advice for women entrepreneurs in Benavente and Los Valles

The Development Group of the Benavente region, Macovall, participates in a very active way in boosting the activity of the business fabric and, even, promoting it in the territory of the Benavente Valleys. Its commitment, for years, to the comprehensive development of the area serves as a tool for both new entrepreneurs and ongoing projects.

The Macovall Local Action Group has been undertaking economic support for women entrepreneurs through the rural women’s strategy. A name that the president of this Development Group, Atilana Martínez Mayado, does not hesitate to describe as “very valid”, while explaining that it is “a program of the Junta de Castilla y León to develop job orientation actions to support women entrepreneurs and projects already implemented by women in the region». That is why the president of Macovall points out that “women interested in job search guidance, with a business idea or work concerns, have free advice.”

Macovall, for this program for rural women, has hired a technician for the purpose of advising women, who helps prepare the resume for job search as well as carry out feasibility studies for business projects for all women interested. “Training has been given and business projects for women in the region are currently being promoted,” says Atilana Martínez, pointing out that the Local Action Group intends to publicize the work of women in rural areas, “As necessary agents for population fixation.”

With vehemence and knowledge of the ins and outs of work and family life in the villages, the president of Macovall does not hesitate to point out that “if women stay in rural areas, a family settles and a population is established, it is a fundamental piece for the future of the towns».

The Macovall Local Action Group manages the Leader funds for the Benavente region. Some funds that, as their name indicates, according to the acronym in French of «Liaison Entre Actions de Développement de l´ Economie Rurale», which means «links between actions for the development of the rural economy», come from the European Agricultural Development Fund, of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Junta de Castilla y León and are non-refundable subsidies with a percentage of aid for women entrepreneurs of 30%. For this reason, the president of Macovall encourages women in rural areas to undertake, since they have the support of a team of professionals, technicians for advice and the processing of Leader aid.

Atilana Martínez, as president of Macovall, explains the desire of the Local Action Group to collaborate, as far as possible, in the permanence of businesswomen and entrepreneurs in our towns where, through their businesses, “they provide basic and fundamental services to the community ».

With the program for rural women, many files have already been processed for women entrepreneurs, including dairy and meat companies, service companies and even residences for the elderly, who have invested more than 3 million euros and obtained aid of more than 900,000 euros. These initiatives have created and maintained more than 50 jobs for women, explains the president of Macovall.

With this interview with the president of Macovall, Atilana Martínez Mayado, opens in the informative spaces of Benavente Television and on social networks the sample of twenty entrepreneurial women from the region.

Atilana Martínez guarantees free advice for women entrepreneurs in Benavente and Los Valles