As per Disenchantment movie review Amy Adams Patrick Dempsey

As if by disenchantment – ​​And they lived unhappy and discontented review movie of Adam Shankman with Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Maya Rudolph, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jayma Mays, Idina Menzel And James Marsden

Some spells go around for a very long time and then come back. The sentence is not exactly like that, but let’s pretend it is, because it describes the parable of very well As if by disenchantment -And they lived unhappy and discontented. A title – and a film – of considerable length, but which bring back the magic of the first As if by magic on the streaming platform Disney+.

Directed by Adam Shankman and with the script of Brigitte Halesthe sequel to As if by magic arrives after 15 years, gives us back the characters we loved, introduces us to new ones, mixes live action and animation and gives away new songs, some of which will enter your heart and Spotify library.

Amy Adams, Gabriella Baldacchino and Patrick Dempsey (Credits: Disney)

As if by disenchantment – ​​And they lived unhappy and discontented: the plot

Giselle (Amy Adams) And Robert (Patrick Dempsey) have been happily married for 15 years and live in New York with his eldest daughter morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino) and the newest addition to the family, the little one Sophie. Because New York life has lost that magical and fairy-tale edge to Giselle, the whole family decides to move to a smaller and quieter place, where they can rediscover the lost magic. The choice falls on Monroeville, a delightful town where they settle. Adjusting to a new place is much harder than that Giselle images, especially, if there is one queen bee how Malvina Monroe (an amazing one Maya Rudolph) to manage the reins of the city.

And, when also with morgan relationships deteriorate, Giselle sees his dream of the perfect fade away happily ever after and decides to turn to the magic of Andalasiausing the wand of wishes to regain a “fairytale life“. But, what happens when your greatest desire turns you into your worst nightmare? In a tight race against time, Giselle will have to break the spell that she has cast, before her happy ending turns into a “and they lived forever unhappy and discontented.”

Yvette Nicole Brown is Rosaleen, Maya Rudolph is Malvina Monroe, Jayma Mays is Ruby
Yvette Nicole Brown is Rosaleen, Maya Rudolph is Malvina Monroe, Jayma Mays is Ruby (Credits: Photo by Jonathan Hession/© 2022 Disney Enterprises Inc.)

A game with fairy tale archetypes

Brigitte Hales play with fairy tale archetypes to tell what happens after the book is closed and the magical phrase “and they lived happily ever after…was pronounced. The happy ending, for Giselle, has the bright and glossy colors of the world of Andalasia, towers, groves, fortresses, but not only that: it also has pre-established roles. What reassures us most in fairy tales is their cyclicality and familiarity: we know who the villain is, who the hero is, what they will have to face to get a happy ending. They reassure us because they are immutable, black and white, without shades. The exact opposite of our world. And it is on this that the screenwriter works, creating a story that skilfully puts her heroine in front of the choice between a packaged, glossy and polished happy ending (even in the photography), but reassuring, and something that is imperfect, however sometimes boring and gray, but that manages to warm the heart more than the sun.

James Marsden is Prince Edward and Idina Menzel is Nancy Tremaine
James Marsden is Prince Edward and Idina Menzel is Nancy Tremaine (Credits: Photo by Jonathan Hession/© 2022 Disney Enterprises Inc.)

Old and new faces for a modern Disney-style fairy tale

Like this, Giselle finds herself leaving behind the princess’s robes in search of true love – a sort of mythical golden past – and risks, following the logic of fairy tale archetypes, turning into her worst nightmare and ruining the relationship with her forever. morgan. The idea of ​​bringing back the old cast proved to be successful, because the comic curtains between Patrick Dempsey And James Marsden they would not have had the same charm with other faces. And most importantly, we finally get a chance to see him sing Idina Menzel, which is always a guarantee. next to them, Maya Rudolph lend face and voice to Malvina Monroeto which we should assign the role of villainsbut that would be really trivial. Rudolph it’s an apt addition, thanks also to the expressiveness of his acting, of that sassy attitude which contrasts well with the naivety of Giselle.

As if by disenchantment
The squirrel Pip returns to advise Giselle in Come per disenchantment (Credits: Disney)
Amy Adams shines as Giselle
Amy Adams shines as Giselle (Credits: Disney)

To surround the story and characters there are, of course, the musical numbers, with the soundtrack of the Oscar winner Alan Menken and the lyrics of the award-winning Stephen Schwartz who already worked on the first one As if by magic. Splendid musical numbers, some certainly more successful (see, for example, Badger) of others, but in general, a riot of colors and costumes in full style Disney.

As per disenchantment And they lived unhappy and discontented film review
As for Disenchantment by Adam Shankman with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey (Credits: Disney)

Alan Shankman manages, net of some smudges in the rhythm and excessive playing time, not to disappoint expectations, giving life to a Disney-like musical fairy tale with a modern flavor, in which the pre-established roles, the already tested dynamics are distorted and remodeled, to remember to the audience that the happy ending is just the beginning of a wonderful, imperfect story, yet to be told. And, if you feel like it, try counting the many easter eggs scattered throughout the film. You will have pleasant surprises.

As per Disenchantment movie review Amy Adams Patrick Dempsey