Arte, this “trusted third party in a world of mistrust”

Art is 30 years old. And for this start of the 2022-2023 school year, the Franco-German channel claims to be more than ever a “European cultural label”, a true “trusted third party in a world of mistrust”, according to its president Bruno Patino. So, it intends to promote in its new grid renewed decryption formats with the ambition of avoiding “information fatigue” of the public in a world of media hyper-abundance, and a clearly ambitious offer of documentaries and fictions. The cult weekly program of the channel “Le sous des cartes” on Saturday evenings, available each week as a “geopolitics lesson” on and YouTube as well as in an atlas at the beginning of October, is being reinforced with the launch of a program dedicated 3 minutes from Monday to Thursday at 8:50 p.m., after Elisabeth Quin’s current affairs magazine “28 minutes”, which remains on the air from Monday to Saturday from 8 p.m. But this format of cartographic analysis will be enriched in November with a new variation: “The underside of the images”, presented by Sonia Devillers. Every day at 7:30 p.m., she will analyze for twelve minutes an “image of the present time” accompanied by Emmanuelle Walter, until now editor-in-chief of Arrêt sur Images, and Emmanuel Poncet, former editor-in-chief of GQ France. A desire to decipher which will also result in the launch of a television news program in Spanish and English this fall on the platform or the Sunday evening news magazine “27” presented by Nora Hamadi.

Among the new fictions, note the first series of the Italian director Marco Bellocchio “Esterno notte” on the abduction in 1978 of the politician Aldo Moro by the extreme left group Les brigades rouges. Audrey Fleurot will also play Nathalie in “Spirit of Winter”, a closed-door film that plays on Gothic codes, while Nicolas Duvauchelle and Niels Arestrup will carry “Les Papillons Noirs”, the story of a novelist who lacks inspiration. appropriating the story of a couple of serial killers. There is also “Countrymen” where three Islamists settle in a farm in Norway to prepare for a terrorist attack and Helsinki Syndrome” which sees a father take journalists hostage so that they can investigate financial crimes suffered by his family. “Trom”, in Denmark, will feature a journalist who will have to investigate a murder in the Faroe Islands.

On the documentary side, the series “A new world” directed by Cyril Dion will show the solutions to fight against climatic upheavals while “August 2021-Flee Kabul” will return to the arrival of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan and the chaos that ensued. resulted. “The Total System” will investigate the multinational oil company while “The Glass Ceiling – The Invisible Discrimination” will return to this invisible barrier that women come up against in advancing their professional careers. “The Super-8 years” will allow the writer Annie Ernaux to trace her family history through family films shot by her own father for years.

On the digital side, “we are investing in author video games”, announces Boris Razon, editorial director of Arte. Make way for “How to say good bye” or “Family celebration” and “To hell with the ugly”. “Frankenstream, this monster that devours us” will go to meet the founding fathers of the stream while “Canis Familiaris”, a wacky fiction, will pit a pack of dogs, each interpreted by a human in disguise, against each other.

Bruno Patino also indicated that he was “optimistic” about the financing of his channel while the abolition of the license fee has just been voted. He thus recalls that Arte is the “fruit of an agreement between two nations” with a “strong German budgetary dynamic”, while hoping for this “same dynamism” on the French side.

Bruno Patino, President of Arte France

Arte, this “trusted third party in a world of mistrust”