Are Marvel comics changing because of the MCU? One of the Marvel Comics editors explains it

The success of the MCU is undoubted, and many comic fans wonder if that will affect the characters of the Marvel Comics comics.

The popularity of superheroes is greater than ever. The success of UCM has made the whole world know the superheroes of Marvel What Hombre de Hierro, Ant Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain Marvel and many others. The characters that appear in the movies Marvel attract more and more attention, and many comic fans fear that because of this, the characters of the comics will be modified to make them more familiar to the cinema.

How does the MCU influence Marvel comics?

In an interview with AiPTthe senior editor of marvel comics, Jordan D White, talked about the dynamic between the publisher and the studio. He explained that the publisher’s staff make presentations to the studio outlining their plans for the coming year, and that they do spend time discussing the films. Nevertheless, White states that comics are free to blaze their own trail.

They always tell us: ‘We don’t want you to change what you do to fit what we do. We want you to be 5-10 years ahead of us because we want you to do fun and interesting things that we can do later on.’ And we are more than happy to do so. We want to tell new stories about our characters and yes, if we do a good enough job, yes, they can become the backbone of something future, fingers crossed.

This is not to imply that there are any synergies between the movies and the comics. In 2019, Kevin Feigdirector of Marvel Studioswas appointed Creative Director of Marvel Entertainment, which meant that feige will oversee creative and storytelling decisions across all media. Since then, the presence of black knight has been accentuated in the comics, and Shang Chi now has its own ten rings, with a different approach and origin from the film. A comic was even released Falcon & Winter Soldier, despite the characters not having much of a connection in the comics.

Without a doubt, the idea that comics are ahead of the movies suggests that stories are being created with the intention of creating ideas that may later appear in the movies or series of the UCM, a concept that can have its own effect on how artists generate stories in comics. And it is quite possible that quite a few writers from the publisher are influenced by the movies when it comes to narrating adventures in comics.

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Are Marvel comics changing because of the MCU? One of the Marvel Comics editors explains it