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A chat on the eve of the departure, on 12 September, of his Rai1 midday program

Stefania Zizzari
September 11, 2022 at 7:59 am

«We have already reached the third year of “It’s always noon” and it doesn’t seem possible that all this time has already passed, “he comments Antonella Clerici on the eve of departure, on September 12of its Rai1 midday program.

And instead it was September 2020 …
«It seems to me yesterday that I entered the studio shooting my midday range with all the excitement in the world. It is also true that Covid has upset the feeling of time because 2020 has been like a motionless, suspended year. Let’s add that the perception of the passage of time changes according to age ».

What do you mean?
“That you have the measure of the time that passes by watching your children grow up … I think the slowest time is between 20 and 30 years, then from 30 to 50 a little less and from 50 onwards … it’s a “mozzico” (laughs) “.

Antonella, she has become a philosopher now…
“No, I just have the feeling that I have recovered some ‘human’ rhythms of life since I have lived here in my house in the woods”.

Human but rather frenetic: every day he moves from Arquata Scrivia (Alessandria) to Milan for his broadcast.
«It’s true: I drive an hour to go and an hour to return, but every day I want to go home, not only among my loved ones, but right in nature, in the green. I can no longer do without it, I could never go back to living in an apartment ».

Let’s talk about its transmission. What news await us?
«” Team that wins does not change “is the saying. However, there will naturally be new grafts, I am always looking for chefs who have to do with the idea of ​​the territory, of regionality, of nature … which is the heart of the program, which this year will be even more “Green”. Both in the games and in the themes that we will face with the guests, who will be characters with stories to tell. Every so often, for example, a chef who cooks in the woods will come and visit us: a “wild cook” (wild, ed) “.

Will the common thread always be the kitchen?
«Yes, of course, but it will be an excuse to talk about many topics. When I started cooking Rai1’s midday cuisine 21 years ago, I was thirsty to learn new, simple and quick recipes. We started with the ABC in the kitchen ».

Today instead?
“The kitchen stands out in every television program and my idea is certainly to give recipes, because then the time is perfect, but also to chat by extending the discussion to the territory, to nature and to a whole world that has to do with the province. Which is what I firmly believe in. “

Are the fixed characters confirmed?
«We will meet again Alfio, the factotum of the house, the chef Lorenzo Biagiarelli, whom I affectionately call the” young old man “, then Evelina Flachi with the nutrition advice and our usual cooks».

Will she be wearing some extravagant new aprons in the kitchen?
“I’ve thought about it but I still don’t know what the costume designers have done (laughs). In any case, my look will always be country, country: it is a kitchen that requires jeans, shirts, boots. For example, I no longer wear heels. And certainly color will still prevail because it brings good humor ».

In fact, its broadcast has been defined by the public as “a natural antidepressant”. What are its natural antidepressants?
“The family: my daughter Maelle, my partner Vittorio (Garrone, ed) and his boys, the house in the woods. Since living here I have learned to appreciate the passing of the seasons. In a big city you can’t perceive it, instead here you see the change of colors, the shadows that lengthen: the contact with nature is my dose of serenity ».

She was a forerunner of the “green” theme, going to live immersed in nature a few years ago. How has her lifestyle changed?
It’s true (smiles). Meanwhile, I walk a lot in the woods. And I love it. Then I live naturally: I eat my eggs because I have chickens, I eat the meat we produce and the products from our garden. We also make bread and jams. And when I go out and I don’t have all of this, I feel the difference. Zero kilometer products, territoriality, authenticity, eating healthy things, without additives, helps you a lot. Health also depends on what you eat ».

Since cooking is a starting point to talk about something else, let’s take care of love. Which dish would you dedicate to Maelle and Vittorio?
«At Maelle the Nutella crepes, she is very greedy. To Vittorio, who is passionate about meat, a roast with baked potatoes, accompanied by an important wine … here, a barolo stew. A thing of substance (laughs) “.

And what recipe would you give yourself?
A nice plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce. But beautiful chubby spaghetti, eh? ».

The “television noon” has an important meaning for you: what memories do you have of your noon as a child?
«Midday for me is the scent of family and the joy of home cooking. My dad closed the shop (he had a paint shop) at a quarter past noon and then came home to have lunch with us. Mom would go to the stove and say: “What do I prepare today? But why don’t they teach you how to cook on television?”. I took her cue at the bottom (smiles) “.

Let’s go back to work: besides “It’s always noon!” also awaits the new edition of “The Voice Senior”, another success of him.
“We will be on the air next year. It is a transmission that has entered the hearts of Italians. I like to propose programs that, in addition to being successful, also have a soul. And “The Voice Senior” has it ».

And then?
«I would say that this is enough. The daily schedule is demanding and I want to do things right. Then if I get an idea we will see, but for now I don’t think about it and I enjoy my “green” life ».

Antonella Clerici returns with the third edition of “It’s always noon” | TV Smiles and Songs