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Antonio Ricci’s satirical news is back on the air with two presenters, Alessandro Siani and Luca Argentero, together for the first time. And with two debutante tissues on the counter

Barbara Mosconi
September 22, 2022 at 08:11

The colorful studies of “Strip the news” at the gates of Milan. As a roof is a huge red and white striped circus tent, while golden tapirs scattered all over the walls decorate the walls. Here gray is banned. He is about to leave the 35th season of the satirical news program invented by Antonio Ricci and there is great excitement.

The inauguration, Tuesday 27 Septemberit will be up to an unprecedented couple, as Ricci often likes to experiment (and amaze): Alessandro Sianiwho already sat behind the counter last fall for 33 episodes (alongside Vanessa Incontrada), and Luca Argenterohere in its absolute debut for a week.

Alessandro Siani, as an expert frequenter of these studies, how does Luca Argentero, who has just arrived, introduce himself to the world of “Striscia”?
Siani: «First of all when you enter” Striscia “, dear Luca, you must know that you are entering a family and therefore the first advice I can give you is to go to the Municipality to get the documents, such as an identity card or another document of recognition “.
Argentero: «Well, so then I enter the electricity and gas bills to the family and to Antonio Ricci».

Second thing?
Siani: «The second thing is to know that here the boss of the situation is in force, which is Gabibbo, he is the one who holds everything in hand and manages the program».
Argentero: «In fact, they told me that Gabibbo requires a“ ius primae noctis ”and tonight I have to spend it with him».
Siani: «Of course, it’s called“ gabibbeide ”or“ gabibbismo ”, you’re there with the Gabibbo, turn off the light and you get slapped everywhere».

Third advice?
Siani: «We need to do various tests saying:“ Le Veline! ”».

That’s enough?
Siani: «Finally the fundamental thing: to stay in“ Striscia ”you must have the desire to inform the Italians, give news and do it with a clear conscience and in the purest possible way».

Has Antonio Ricci already given you the little speech?
Siani: «With Antonio we always have some very shrewd updates».
Argentero: «Ricci introduced me to this foray for what it is, a great experiment, a fun week. “If you come to inaugurate the season it would be a nice gift,” he told me. But it is a gift for me! ».

Feelings of a beginner?
Argentero: «A natural familiarity. The same one that comes to you when you go to New York for the first time and you feel like you’ve been there before, you’ve seen it in so many films that you seem to know it. And so is the study of “Striscia”, with the writing on the counter, your name on the desk, the Tapir everywhere. I also received one that I keep on the cupboard at home ».

But did you two already know each other?
Siani: «We have simply crossed paths many times, and yet there are people you have been with for years, you think you know well and this is not the case. And people you only meet and there is a kind of sympathy ».
Argentero: «Before today we had never spent more than a quarter of an hour chatting in the same room, during a film preview of one or the other we went in and out without stopping too much».

A Neapolitan and a Turin.
Siani: «It is a Neapolitan gastronomic cultural tradition …».
Argentero: «… which is in perfect harmony with the Piedmontese one!».
Siani: «How can we not mention pizza with gianduiotto?».

Did you find out about each other first?
Siani: «Surely my mother, my friends, the people closest to me, especially women, will watch the program carefully. It didn’t always happen the last edition. “Is Argentero really there?” they asked me ».
Argentero: «As for the physical aspect, he suited me well. For the rest, I was very happy to know that a leading comedy writer would keep the real pulse of the situation. I can act as a shoulder, as has already happened to “Le iene” with Enrico Brignano ».

And now test yourself with the famous “Striscia” columns. Golden Tapir: Whose Turn?
Siani: “To the Pnrr: there has been a lot of talk about it, but we haven’t seen a euro yet.”
Argentero: «To Putin, who will be well inspired: he believed he could conquer Ukraine in a few days and instead he has been trying for months».

Who are the “new monsters” of TV?
Siani: «Those who were already there. The old ones are all reconfirmed ».
Argentero: «I change the channel every time I see something vulgar on TV, when you cross the threshold of decency or you go too much in private or you scream. There is a responsibility in communicating ».

And the “facts and redoes”?
Siani: «I tried to make something up, but when I asked for a French nose, this one came to me, like the Eiffel Tower».
Argentero: «It seems to me there are more and more of them around, and more and more men. I have nothing against it, on the contrary, I am Sergio Friscia underneath! ».

You suggest a new column.
Siani: «I’d like to see what certain characters do on Tik Tok».
Argentero: «I’m on Tik Tok too! More as an observer, it is an interesting insight into the world. I have always used social media, even if by kids I am considered a “boomer” (an “elderly” person, ed) “.

Do something together, besides “Striscia”: have you ever thought about it?
Siani: «There was an approach some time ago. There were a couple of ideas in the pipeline, but Luca was very busy ».

What do you like about each other?
Argentero: “As an author he has a kind of comedy that if you see a film you immediately recognize that he wrote it.”
Siani: «The absolute naturalness with which in the“ Doc ”series he brought humanity to a character without flaunting it».

By the way, will “Doc” return soon with the third season?
Argentero: «Not before 2024, the conception and writing of the series are very long».
Siani: «Imagine, they are still withdrawing the medical records!».

… and Sorrisi takes you to the “Striscia” studios to see an episode

Would you like to participate live among the public in an episode of “Striscia la Notizia”, ​​one of the most popular TV programs? Send an email by the end of September to the address: with name, surname, age, city, telephone and a short text where you tell “when” and “why” you started following the program. It should be specified in the subject: “STRIP THE NEWS 2022”. Some readers, with an accompanying person, will have the opportunity, in October, to go to the Cologno Monzese (MI) studios and attend an episode of the program. The details of the invitation will be communicated to the selected by email.

An (almost) completely new “Striscia” with Luca Argentero and Alessandro Siani | TV Smiles and Songs