Amor Romeira gets wet: “Gloria Camila is not Ana María Aldón’s problem. She should get divorced”

    Love Romeira knows the family of her friend Gloria Camila Ortega very well. For years she has been able soak up everything that happens behind closed doorsand now that the marriage of Ana María Aldón and the bullfighter is hanging by a thread after reproaches and public rows, the television collaborator is clear: “If Ortega Cano and that family have done so much damage, should get divorced“. That’s how forceful Love with us was at the party that the designer Eduardo Navarrete organized to close Madrid Fashion Week in the mythical ‘Space of Sound’, and there, between glamour, techno music and a lot of brilli-brilli ; among celebrities like Flora González, who confessed to us if she will be a contestant on ‘Survivors’, Cristina Cifuentes, Wyoming or Aless Gibaja, offered us an interview in which she did not mind getting wet and charging against a good friend of hers, Raquel Lozano, who now enters to compete in ‘Nightmare in paradise’: “I don’t recognize her, she has done fatal with Omar. Now I think if he has approached him for being Anabel’s ex“.

    Love, how are you?

    Very good, very happy, thank you.

    You have come to support Eduardo Navarrete, I imagine.

    Obvious! We must support the talent of people as transgressive as him.

    Have you had the opportunity to see any parade in the MBFWM?

    Yes, I have seen the one by Paloma Suárez, which I love, and then, since I had to go to Barcelona for work, since I am in a new program with Ares Teixidó, I missed seeing the one by Andrés Sardá and the one by Aurelia Gil. I would have loved to, but I couldn’t.

    Any trend that you liked?

    What I like the most is the brightness and transparency. That never fails.

    You tell me you’re on a new show. Now that they’re broadcasting the new reality show of the season, ‘Nightmare in Paradise’, are you following it?

    I’m following him because there’s Omar and the soap opera with Marina and Raquel. I think Raquel has done fatal. I don’t recognize her. She’s a friend of mine, but I think she hasn’t done well.


    Because I think he has not focused on looking for his story. I think she has focused on attacking Omar, and I think she has been unfair, because Omar has always made things clear with her: he told her that they had nothing and that this was a parenthesis.


    Do you believe Omar and Marina’s relationship?

    Yes, because Marina is a girl who is how you see her: she starts to cry, she is afraid… I see her more true than even Raquel. Now I wonder if Raquel has approached Omar for being Anabel’s ex.

    Raquel even said that she did believe Marina’s feelings but not his…

    Well there you have it. If the ex-girlfriend of three weeks believes it…

    Has it been proposed to you? Have you told them no?

    My history with reality shows, that they write me a lot to go, is all for a monetary issue. There is no money, it is not paid as well as before. I have been with pre-signed contracts for Survivors, and suddenly they call you and tell you that they will lower your cache because ‘so-and-so’ or ‘so-and-so’ arrives. I don’t need it, I’m fine, I work hard and for three pesos I won’t go hungry. I am not in reality shows, apart from because there is no money, because there is no agreement between the producers and me.

    “I think Raquel has done awful. I don’t recognize her. She’s a friend of mine but I think she hasn’t done well”

    How are you seeing Gloria Camila, who is also your friend?

    I’m loving it, because she’s being her. She is opening up, she is talking… and I like that, when she talks and explains herself.

    Do you think that he has taken advantage of the ‘slipstream’ of being in the news for Rocío Carrasco’s docuseries? They say it’s to clean her image…

    I think that taking advantage of it, as such, no, because before Rocío Carrasco’s ‘boom’ came out, she had already done reality shows, so she hasn’t needed family controversy to do TV either. She is the daughter of who she is and she has not needed her. But I do think that it has been good for him to leave, clear his mind and get away from all that, because now Gloria Camila is no longer here and they continue to have problems at Ana María and Ortega Cano’s house… so Gloria Camila is not Ana María’s problem.

    How are you seeing this ‘soap opera’ between the two?

    I think that if Ortega and that family have done him so much harm… he should get a divorce. Stop playing cat and dog, ‘you did this’, ‘no, I’m doing it’, ‘I’m putting up with it for a son’, for this, for that… for a son you can’t take it all it’s.

Amor Romeira gets wet: “Gloria Camila is not Ana María Aldón’s problem. She should get divorced”