Alessandro Matri and Federica Nargi: «Distance has appeased jealousy, the most absurd scene in a club. The marriage? Will arrive”

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The showgirl and the former bomber met at the disco in 2009. «The most absurd scene? In a club”

Thirteen years together, two smiles that are advertising but also contagious, two daughters who are starting first grade and kindergarten this year. Alexander Matri And Federica Nargi were, in 2009, the “footballer and the tissue”, practically a cliché. Now, they are two very normal thirty-year-olds, only more beautiful and cheerful than the average. After 18 years as a striker in Serie A and 121 goals, he is a commentator for Dazn, she has done many TV programs, after Strip the Newshe led Coloradoparticipated in Beijing Express
And Such Which Show
will present his own entrepreneurial initiative in a few days and has almost five million followers on Instagram.

First meeting?

Federica: «At the disco in Milan. I didn’t give him the number for a month, if anything I called him from an unknown number. But I found him in the clubs every Sunday ».

Alessandro: «Then she called me from the landline and I started calling her at all hours».

Federica: «The first time I invited him to dinner, not knowing how to cook, I gave him sofficini as a second course. But we never left.”

You were 18 and 24, what love was it?

Alessandro: «Until 2015, very remotely, I played for Cagliari, then for Juventus, Fiorentina, Genoa and only partially in Milan, where you worked. That helped. Then I went to Lazio and we started living together in Rome, where she has her parents. At that point, there had been the idea of ​​starting a family for some time».

Why did distance help?

Federica: «It helped build trust. I’m extremely jealous, even if he doesn’t give me reason, but the suitors worried me: he was a footballer, handsome, famous ».

What do you mean by “extreme jealousy”?

Alessandro: «I’ll answer. Not anymore, but he controlled what time I came back, who I went out with. He made a scene.”

The craziest scene?

Federica: «Let’s go to a club, I’ll arrive first. Then, I see him coming, closing his jacket. One goes up to him, closes his buttons and says: are you cold?».

Alessandro: «I saw something like an anomalous wave crossing the room and hitting this girl. Pick her up. Move her around.”
Federica: “And think that he, instead of me, was worried about apologizing to her.”

What captivated you about each other?

Federica: «He was nice, but above all he respected me: he was waiting for my call, he could have asked someone to give me the number, but he didn’t».
Alessandro: «At the beginning the aesthetic part counted, but above all I saw that she was comfortable in my world, with my childhood friends, with my family in the village, in Graffignana, in the Lodi area. There are two thousand inhabitants and we are content to go to the bar, meet at home. I understood that she would not have distanced me from my affections. We come from humble families, we have the same values».

His cheese peddlers, Federica’s father as an assistant in the hospital.

Federica: «It weighs us that they are far away, every year we discuss to choose whether to make Christmas up or down».

What else are you arguing about?

Federica: «Let’s start with how the morning says good morning to me».
Alessandro: «When he asks “what’s wrong with you?”, I immediately ask myself: what have I done? And now we’re finishing the move from Rome to Milan and every hitch is my fault, if a piece of furniture breaks, if it arrives late…”.
Federica: «People see the Mulino Bianco families on social networks but it’s all fake: there are discussions, who doesn’t argue with their husband?».
Alessandro: «Speaking of social media, I take the photos you put on Instagram. I don’t know if you understand me.”

In practice, is he enslaved 24 hours a day?

Alessandro: «Extremely enslaved. It’s not that I mind taking a picture, but I take it and she says the light is wrong, the dress needs changing… To take one, we have to take a hundred. This every day.”

In 2020, Alessandro left football, how was he adapting to his new life?

Alessandro: «The lockdown immediately arrived, it was the first time we had been together for so long. With a three and a half year old and a one year old daughter, we made up everything to entertain them. It was still tough afterwards: I went to work in the Lazio staff, but I was less at home than before. My older daughter used to say to me: you’re never there. At that, I decided to leave an important job opportunity to enjoy my family more ».

Which parents are you: anxious, permissive, strict?

Alessandro: «Anxious. Not just as parents.”
Federica: «Anxious and too permissive. However, we try to give a lot of stimuli, Beatrice and Sofia are only allowed to use the iPad twenty minutes a day. To entertain them, we take them to the park, to rides, we invent all sorts of activities. Even too much. My mom says I should let them get bored more.’
Alexander: «That would be right. We were bored and then we played football or invented games, but today if the children are bored, they look for their cell phones».
Federica: «I, rather, have them dusted, cleaned. I say – let’s play, clean up the toys. They fall for it.”

The bad moments of your history?

Alessandro: «Many, many discussions. Increased with the arrival of daughters: being a parent forces you to make continuous decisions».
Federica: «There has never been a real crisis, however».

Who is the most romantic?

Alessandro: «She is and is looking for romance».

He says it sadly.

Federica: «Because I am surprised, I kiss every moment. I gave him the tape with recorded our songs, the pillow with our photo and written “I love you”. He is colder, Nordic».

Three years ago, a survey crowned Federica the ideal lover for the August escapade. What effect did it have on you?

Alessandro: «I’m amazed that they only want it in August and not forever. Aesthetically it is what it is».
Federica: «But what does it mean is what it is? But give me a compliment every now and then.’
Alessandro: “As you can see, even in character it is what it is.”

Strengths and weaknesses of the other?

Federica: «He is an exceptional father, with the girls he is very operative: he washes them, dresses them, they want to have their pigtails done only by him. The flaw is that he is fussy, he expects me to do everything perfect, to put everything in order, while he is extremely messy ».
Alessandro: «She’s heavy on disorder, she’s a mum with me too. However, she is sunny, active, and after so many years, being a mother hasn’t overwhelmed being a partner ».

Will the wedding come?

Alessandro: «It will come. But already having a child means “forever”. We will do it because it is a sign of love and a protection of the daughters».

Do you always tease each other so much?

Federica: «We make fun of each other a lot. We are like Sandra and Vianello. With the girls, we dress him up, paint him, make him up. We laugh like crazy. We make him do ballet moves.’
Alessandro: «They make me do fashion shows. It’s a crazy house in there.”

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Alessandro Matri and Federica Nargi: «Distance has appeased jealousy, the most absurd scene in a club. The marriage? Will arrive”