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Here is what will happen in the episodes of the soap opera broadcast from 28 November to 2 December on Rai3, from Mon. to Fri. at 20.50

November 25, 2022 at 1:46 pm

• All the plots and previews of “A place in the sun”

Enjoying retirement in peace for Renato (played by Marzio Honorato) is out of the question! Another trouble is about to hit his family, even if Poggi is still unaware of it. Niko (Luca Turco), in fact, has agreed to participate in the wicked plan of Manlio (Paolo Scalondro), Susanna’s father, who wants to kill Valsano (Gianluca Pugliese) through the acquaintances he made in prison. And Renato will once again have to face the umpteenth trouble of his son with all the wisdom of a good father. «Surely he will try, but I would like to clarify that he is not the wise man of the family and never will be completely. This role belongs to Giulia (Marina Tagliaferri)» comments Marzio Honorato. «The relationship that Renato has with Niko has by now been defined: he is a father in constant concern for his son, a parent who finds himself in the balance between being wise and balanced and showing all his anxiety. What is certain, however, is that Renato is always there! For Niko and for the whole family».

In these 26 years at Palazzo Palladini we have seen Marzio juggle between drama and comedy. «I gave him the ironic vein to lighten it up a bit» specifies the actor. «With Patrizio Rispo (alias Raffaele, the counterpart of Renato, ed), after all, we have such a close relationship that all the jokes and gags come out to us with an incredible naturalness». While on the one hand the relationship with his son is central to Poggi’s life, Honorato is keen to clarify which narrative line he prefers at the moment. «I love shooting the scenes with the “grandchildren” Sofia (Piccirillo, in the soap Binca, ed) and Gennaro (De Simone, who plays Jimmy, ed). They are two sponges, they learn quickly and give me a lot of satisfaction. After all, being a talent scout is one of my main interests and they are talented little ones».

Marzio, on the set of Un posto al sole from the first day of clapperboard, also spoke to us about the relationship he has with his character. «I don’t live in symbiosis with Renato. He exists when the camera is turned on and I immediately forget about it at the end of the scene. My nature is not to get confused between fantasy and reality, as happens too often now, also due to the advent of social networks”. What Honorato has left when he leaves the Rai studios is something else. “It’s the wonderful feeling of working with a group of exceptional people. There is no envy, there is no competition. We all help each other and this is, in my opinion, the secret of the success of the soap ».

The summary of last week (November 21 to 25)

Manlio proposes to Niko to solve the Valsano matter in a drastic way. Angela has to manage Bianca’s decision, who by now seems determined to organize the party for Antonello. Viola, thanks to a superhero film, finds herself spending time alone with Eugenio and their mutual feeling that has never faded takes over. Diego experiences the first exciting moments of the story with Lia, but some logistical problems could be an obstacle. Alice, back in Naples, discovers a strong interest in Nunzio.

Advances from November 28th to December 2nd

  • Bianca is very disappointed by the outcome of the surprise party organized for Antonello.
  • Samuel tries in vain to tone down the tone, but tension explodes between Speranza and the Cirillo twins, also involving Mariella.
  • Marina realizes how difficult it is for her to overcome the violence she suffered and Roberto is about to find out what Fabrizio did to her.
  • Alice is increasingly interested in Nunzio.
  • Clara convinces Alberto to go to lunch at the Vulcano with Marika, who…

“A place in the sun”, the previews: my Renato Poggi and I adore our grandchildren | TV Smiles and Songs