7 movies to watch on Disney+ before the end of the year

Disney is always an option if you want to see some of the movie classics and we can see all the Star Wars movies, Marvel movies or cartoons from your childhood. But there are also many premieres and interesting news that we can see on the streaming platform if you want to enjoy good cinema.

Marvel releases that have arrived in 2022 to the movie theaters and your living room, new pixar movies or some family movies you can check out if you’re looking to catch up before the year is out and want to know what you can’t miss.


One of the most controversial films of the year is also one of the this year’s most recommended that we can see on Disney + and enjoy with the family. The movie that Andy saw when he was given a new toy at the beginning of the saga, with Toy Story. The galactic hero movie will tell us how Buzz Lightyear manages to become the idol of the Pixar protagonist and is a good option if we are looking for an action, humor and fun movie to enjoy all together.

Watch Lightyear on Disney+


Red can be seen on Disney+ since March. The Pixar film is one of the essentials if you want to catch up before the end of the year and betting on a feature film that parents born in the eighties will like and who are committed to telling us the Mei Lee’s adolescence a 13-year-old girl with an overprotective mother You are facing a time of change in your life and will become a red panda giant when he can’t contain his emotions.

Watch Network on Disney+


Although it is not one of the best movies of the year, but a good option if you want to see something new, a reversal of the classic that we all know. In real version, we will know the story of gepetto the carpenter that he will create Pinocchio, a doll that wants to be a real boy and that has Jiminy Cricket as his conscience.

Watch Pinocchio on Disney+

Thor: Love and Thunder

Chris Hemsworth gives life to the God of Thunder in one of the Marvel premieres in this 2022 that we can see on Disney + after passing through theaters. Want to take a spiritual journey and find peace but his search for calm will be disrupted by the presence of a galactic assassin who will have to be defeated.

Watch Thor: Love and Thunder on Disney+

Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness

Another of the 2022 Marvel premieres is “Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness” and after it went through theaters, the film is available on Disney+ with the main character that gives it its name. A journey through the multiverse by Sam Raimi that any fan of superheroes should see if you want to enjoy a dark and fantastic movie.

Watch Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness on Disney+

death on the nile

If you are looking for action and intrigue, one of the essentials of Disney + in this 2022 is “Death on the Nile”. A version of the Agatha Christie novel Released in the 1930s, that film is a full-length mystery. A thriller directed by Kenneth Branagh that follows detective Hercule Poirot’s vacation in Egypt. A vacation that he will see interrupted when he searches for a murderer.

Watch Death on the Nile on Disney+


Crush is a romantic comedy that we can enjoy on Disney+ if you are looking to see any of the movies of the year on the platform. She’s a young aspiring artist who falls in love with a high school classmate in an adorable and refreshing teen rom-com without being too cliché and if you’re just looking for something light to watch on a Sunday afternoon.

Watch Crush on Disney+

7 movies to watch on Disney+ before the end of the year