30 years of France Télévisions: Florent Dumont returns to the group’s cult programs

What is great entertainment today according to the definition of France Télévisions?
First of all, there are the major live broadcasts, in other words our ability to bring people together on major events such as the Fête de la Musique, the Victoires de la Musique and Eurovision. In the same vein, music programs are extremely important to us. I am thinking of “Taratata”, “Prodiges”, the concerts that we can offer on Culturebox and “Drag Race France”, our original summer entertainment of which we are extremely proud.

Precisely, a season 2 of “Drag Race France” has been announced. It will be broadcast on France 2 in the second part of the evening instead of Saturday in the third part of the evening this season. Can you tell us when season 2 will air?
Not yet, it’s premature. What I can say is that indeed, we want to better expose “Drag Race France”. We are committed to a weekly exhibition in the second part of the evening. france.tv will retain the scoop. Whether on the platform or on France 2 in the second part of the evening, the main thing is that this program continues to meet its audience and move the lines.

For more than 20 years, the second part of the evening on Saturday evening has been a strong stake in the France 2 grid. Léa Salamé will present the premiere of “Quelle époque!” September 24. How will this program be unique compared to “We are live”?
We want to make “Quelle époque” the weekly talk show of reference as were, before, “Everyone talks about it”, “We are not in bed” and “We are live”. Around Léa, there will be Christophe Dechavanne and Philippe Caverivière, whose role will be reinforced. We want this to be a program that people talk about, in which the actors of political, cultural and social life are present.

Christophe Dechavanne will officially join France 2 as a “permanent guest” that evening. Are you going to entrust him with other solo projects in view of his career as an animator?
For the moment, he is totally focused on the role he will have with Léa. At France Télévisions, we are very happy to see him return to the public service antennas since he was one of the outstanding faces in the afternoon and in the second part of the evening, already on Saturday, with “Du fer dans les spinach”. We are currently focusing on “What a time!”. We give our all to make it a joint success. We will have time to talk about the sequel later.

“Intervilles”, an emblematic program of France Télévisions which was to be relaunched with Nagui in production before the Covid-19 arrived in our lives, will it one day come back to animate the summers of France 2 viewers?
We work with Nagui, who always has a lot of projects. It’s a working hypothesis, I can’t confirm anything at this stage.

What are the big entertainments on the program of the season?
“100% logic”, a new game with Cyril Féraud arrives in the first part of the evening on September 24. We will also offer programs in the field of humor. Laurence Boccolini will present “Sketch Story”, the principle of which is to decline in the form of fiction cult sketches by great French comedians. We also work with Laurent Ruquier on programs for the first part of the evening.

With Michel Drucker, flagship incarnation of France Télévisions, and the feedback on your antennas from Thierry Ardisson and Christophe Dechavanne, can we say that the hunt for “white men over 50” is over, to use a famous expression attributed to Delphine Ernotte, the president of France Télévisions?
We want to address all audiences with a family of entertainers that is as diverse as possible, whether in terms of parity or generation. Everyone therefore has a place on the antennas of France Télévisions: the most experienced people who benefit from a great attachment from the French, like those more recently arrived on our antennas.

30 years of France Télévisions: Florent Dumont returns to the group’s cult programs