1999 — Stop The Violence!

The very great saga of Radio Nova told by those who lived it and surrounded it on the air or in the savannah.

At the dawn of the year 2000 for young people it’s no longer the same deal / for the one who drags, as for the one who spins / straight ahead », had warned the uncles of NTM about their fourth album, which we did not know at the time that it would be their last. ” There’s no more work anyway / the circle is complete, the system has its head under water / And the young people are drunk. On January 14, 1999, a 22-year-old boy was stabbed to death on a train in Bouffémont (Val-d’Oise). Do not let your son hang. Journalist Christophe Nick proposes that a manifesto be written by high school students from the suburbs and published in Nova Mag. With ten rules likely to stem an evil that is eating away at society as a whole, the text takes the title “Stop La Violence”, inspired by KRS-One – and does not only talk about settling accounts at the foot of the towers, but also sexual, marital and family violence. Canal+ echoes this on the day of the newsstand release, The world and TF1 are following suit, media and politicians are racing. A TV documentary on the movement, whose hard core comes from an association of teenagers called “Droit de cité” who writes hip-hop texts in a workshop, is being prepared. At least thirty young people, from Sarcelles, Argenteuil or the 20th arrondissement of Paris, crowd into our studios. One of them underlines, to explain ordinary misogyny: When rappers treat girls as bitches and we are told 24 hours a day on the airwaves, inevitably, there is repercussion. The experience is repeated every week and a song is recorded, with a concrete freestyle from an 18-year-old rapper named Diam’s.

Stop the violence, yes. And everywhere if possible. In 1999, two teenagers killed thirteen people at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. A tanker chartered by Total, theErika, shipwrecked off Brittany, soiling the coastline for 400 kilometers and causing the death of around two hundred thousand birds. A new edition of the Woodstock festival, thirty years after the apotheosis of the hippie movement, is ruined by a series of rapes and the destruction of the premises by fire, by an enraged public. The kid from Sixth Sensedirected by M. Night Shyamalan, sees dead everywhere Bullets fly in slow motion but our lives are simulations according to the oracle of Matrix brothers-soon-sisters Wachowski. A generation of bewildered men find themselves in cellars to fuck their heads off and foment, on the advice of a schizophrenic guru, a “Chaos Project” supposed to reshuffle the cards of the system – subject of the cult novel fight club by Chuck Palahniuk, which in turn became a cult film directed by David Fincher. Because there is good news, however. End of the Kosovo war. Doctors Without Borders named Nobel Peace Prize. Solidarité Sida creates a music festival, Solidays, which will make an impression. Cédric Klapisch hires our programmer Loïc Dury for the soundtrack of Maybe, located in the sand-swept Paris of 2070. And we now love the lively wildlings of South Parkthe neurotic mobsters of Sopranothe flatbeat of a rare oizo named Quentin Dupieux, Andy Kaufman’s comedic genius brought back to life by Jim Carrey in man on the moon Where Destiny’s Child and their maddening leader, Beyoncé Knowles, asking us to say their name, say their name.

And on Nova, which opens frequencies in Angers and Montpellier? New names? Yes. A young journalist from Villeneuve-la-Garenne, Aline Afanoukoé, tracks down good deals “ beyond the ring road and Keziah Jones on the trail of the Rex. Antoine Blin, future director-host-producer-reporter All of this at the same time “, arrives from the Hérault with heroic ideas, while Manu Le Malin continues to blow our ears with the hardcore of his show Extreme Terror. But this violence, okay.

Production, mixing: Guillaume Girault.

1999 — Stop The Violence!