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This article discusses topics that some readers may find upsetting, including violence, suicide, and drug abuse.

Blue Bloods is an underrated procedural drama, immersing in a three-generation law enforcement family. Perhaps one of the show’s darkest scenes can be found in the Season 3 episode “The Bitter End,” which shows a young mother jumping from the roof of a building with her baby in order to escape a life of crime.

Regardless of genre, gloom can be applied to any TV show and any episode theme. Reddit users have reported which TV scenes have been the darkest on their screens.

Nate burying Lisa – Six Feet Under

“Six Feet Under – When Nate Buries Lisa” was Redditor xeonicus’ pick for the darkest scene in television history. While the show’s premise revolving around members of a family funeral home is naturally or wagging, the Season 4 premiere’s ending scene “Falling into Place” is quite memorable.

Against a sherbet-colored twilight sky, the episode ends with Nate Fisher (Peter Krause) burying his wife Lisa (Lili Taylor) in the wild according to her last wishes. As the pair had a tumultuous relationship, this scene is rather forlorn as Nate realized the selfish error of his ways when it was far too late.

Stare – The Wire

A show that became popular after its cancellation, The Wire was bursting with intensity and emotion in each season. The show’s finales were particularly dark, especially the series finale “-30-“, giving Redditor Puzzleheaded_Safe131 the feeling that “nothing really seems to be getting any better.”

The show’s final scene is a stark realization for everyone involved on both sides of the law. They are well aware that the game of life is stagnant and unfair, but while players may change, they must adapt their strategies to successfully compete.

Gene’s Flashforward – Better Call Saul

A spinoff of the popular crime drama Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul was filled with dark moments. However, one of the darkest was definitely the introduction of Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) as Cinnabon manager Gene Takavic, which continued throughout the series. This Reddit user, AaronB666, praises the black and white palette, saying “it underscores how he’s lost all joy.”

The first black and white scene in the series pilot shows exactly how Saul has settled into his new life. His misery is evident in his surroundings, yearning for his former life of comfort and evil.

The Loneliness of Sarah Lynn – Bojack Horseman

While Bojack Horseman is a well-developed TV character, his namesake show had some interesting supporting and supporting characters, one of which was former Bojack family sitcom co-star Sarah Lynn (Kristen Schaal). This Reddit user says the flashback in the episode after Sarah Lynn’s death “gets me every time.”

In a flashback shown in the Season 3 finale “It Went Okay”, Sarah Lynn reveals that she considers Bojack her only true friend. This scene is incredibly dark because not only did Bojack visit with other motives, but he was responsible for his death in the previous episode.

Blocked – Black Mirror

This Redditor feels like “when Black Mirror did ‘White Christmas'” featured a dark ending. Being one of the best episodes of Black Mirror, “White Christmas” tells three stories set at Christmas, all revolving around Jon Hamm’s character, Matt.

Although he receives felony immunity as part of a plea deal, Matt’s life sentence is that he is “blocked” from society. Seeing the world through Matt’s eyes of everyone in silver blocked silhouettes while eerie sounds drown out a choir’s rendition of “Silent Night” is not only dark, but very frightening to know the nature of this punishment.

Walt watching Jane die – Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad shows an incredible metamorphosis from a mild-mannered chemistry professor to a deceitful drug lord, but the scene in which Jane Margolis (Krysten Ritter) overdoses was a big part of Walter White’s downfall. Redditor _Omegaperfecta_ thinks that moment was “the threshold of his transformation into Heisenberg.”

This scene is dark as it shows how Walt weighs the pros and cons of his next moves. Ultimately, he knows this is a case where a wrong for others is a right for himself, even if it results in death.

Penultimate scene – How I met your mother

Reddit user BabyMagikrap says “not the end of How I Met Your Mother but just before the end” is a perfect example of a dark scene. Known for too much fan service, How I Met Your Mother’s penultimate scene in her series finale was ominous in its surprise.

After Ted (Josh Radnor) finishes telling his children how he met their mother Tracy (Cristin Milioti), it is revealed that she has in fact been dead for over six years. The realization that Ted has found love, only to lose it in a tragic fate, is both bittersweet and bittersweet.

The Red Wedding, Game of Thrones

“Game of Thrones – The Red Wedding” is Redditor LightThatIgnitesAll’s pick for dark scenes. The penultimate episode of Season 3 “The Rains of Castamere” is not only one of the best episodes of Game of Thrones but also one of the bloodiest.

The whole Red Wedding sequence is dark for a multitude of reasons. It’s a bloody family massacre in revenge for a betrayal out of love, but that doesn’t make it any less devastating or bloody. As the series progressed, those who performed The Red Wedding would meet their fate via karma.

Frozen ending – Dinosaurs

Reddit user hleesi_newt thinks “the last episode of Dinosaurs” has a rather dark ending. Jim Henson’s beloved ’90s sitcom revolved around the Sinclairs, a family of anthropomorphic dinosaurs. The Dinosaurs series finale was an example of life-imitating art kicking off the Ice Age.

The final scene of snow covering the Sinclair house and then news anchor Howard Handupme breaking the fourth wall with his final signature sends chills down my spine. Complete with saddening strings, what makes this scene so devastating is the realization that these characters, like their prehistoric counterparts, have met a haunting demise.

Liberation, band of brothers

Reddit user HereJustForTheVibes thinks the “when they liberated the concentration camp” scene in Band of Brothers is the darkest scene on TV. An early 2000s HBO miniseries set during World War II, the gloom of concentration camp liberation in the penultimate episode “Why We Fight” also has such a triumph.

The bittersweet nature of this dark scene is that the soldiers have fulfilled their mission of honor and the prisoners of the concentration camp are freed from further torture. A gorgeous score perfectly complemented a television scene capturing the story in precise and poignant light.

10 darkest scenes in all of TV, according to Reddit | Pretty Reel