Zodiac signs and perfumes, to each his own (and reasons for choosing them)

THE zodiac signs paired with perfumes are a great idea to find the perfect fragrance: a complete guide

Choose the perfume based on the Zodiac sign it’s possible? Absolutely yes! In fact, the signs of the Zodiac influence not only the personality, but also other aspects related to the choice of the perfect fragrance.

In fact, perfume reveals a lot about who we are, it tells our way of being and of relating to the world. The result? The date of birth and the stars can be an excellent guide to orient yourself among notes of jasmine, hints of citrus and shades of rose.


A sign linked to spring and reborn life, the perfect perfume for Aries has citrus notes. From tangerine to citron, via lemon blossom and orange, this zodiac sign has a favour light and fresh notes. The right fragrance is pungent, perfect for expressing the strength of Aries, with the warmth and strength of the sun.


Faithful, passionate and sincere, Taurus is a concrete sign that loves nature and the family. The right flower to represent it? The Rose, a sweet flower, but with notes that make it unique and decisive. Exist more than 150 varieties of this flower, for the Taurus perfume it is better to choose one with intense, enveloping and full nuances.


Creative and always with their heads in the clouds, Geminis are bubbly and restless. The flower that best represents them is the Iris, captivating, original and super fresh. The right perfume for this zodiac sign blends into the skin and remains intense, best balanced with amber and musk. The result is an exceptional fragrance, capable of enhancing the lively and unique personality of Gemini.


For Cancer, emotions are at the center of everything, better if experienced in a strong and intense way. Very close to the family, this sign always wants to travel, but remains with the heart at home. His character adapts to fruity notes such as those of passion fruit, blackberry, peach, pear and watermelon. Let’s talk about lively and delicious fragrances, which bring back to childhoodto the memory of the summers spent by the sea, between bonfires and runs on the shore.


Bossy, proud and ambitious, Leo is a vital and deeply loyal zodiac sign. The strength of him marries perfectly with theincense, which gives a smell capable of evoking magic and mystery, bringing to mind ancient rites and beliefs. Intense and pungent, the smell of resin immediately captures all the senses, triggering strong emotions.


The sign of Virgo is one of the most intelligent of the Zodiac, endowed with a critical sense and intelligence, but above all with a great ability to create sincere relationships, both love and friendship. Vanilla manages to tell without a shadow of a doubt the character of the Virgin, better if accompanied by other notes, harsher and more original, such as chocolatethe licorice or the coffeefor a perfume that really leaves its mark.

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Harmony is the distinctive element of Libra who has always had an innate sense of harmony. This zodiac sign considers feelings fundamental in life and experiences affection in a sincere, tenacious, true and lasting way. Seduction is a key element for Libra who should choose a velvety scentelegant and sophisticated, with unmistakable and sensual notes.


Difficult and mysterious, Scorpio is a particularly charming sign. He never forgets the wrongs he has suffered, he is energetic, passionate, insightful and intelligent, with a tendency to analyze anything. The patchouli perfume is perfect for describing the Scorpio, who loves long-lasting, mysterious and disturbing fragrances.


Lover of travel, discovery and adventure, Sagittarius is a vital sign, wise and full of vitality. The right perfume for this sign of the Zodiac presents amber notes which bring back the idea of ​​mystery and distant destinations. The fresh amber fragrances, with aromatic nuances, tickle the senses, while the oriental scent gives a sensation of warmth, between vanilla, patchouli, cinnamon and spices.


A sign of great strength, Capricorn is decisive and reserved. Ambitious and ready to overcome any obstacle to achieve his goals, it is a sign that he is not afraid of difficulties. The right perfume for this sign of the Zodiac it is woody and smoky, with nuances that recall the earth. Fresher thanks to jasmine, basil and citrus fruits, it becomes particularly intense when combined with sandalwood or amber.


Original, independent and stubborn, Aquarius is a very particular and charming sign. The right perfume for this sign is persistent, like the ylang-ylangthe flower of seduction, as intoxicating as it is fragile.


Very sweet, sensitive, but tenacious and with an energetic temperament. Marked by profound contradictions, Pisces should focus on a perfume that recalls the sweetness of jasmine, the flower of Venus. A fragrance that conquers all the senses, gives tranquility and aims for balance.

Zodiac signs and perfumes, to each his own (and reasons for choosing them)