With the support of Onoranze Funebri Andruetto you can fulfill the will of the cremation of a loved one

PIOSSASCO – If the will of a loved one was there cremationyou can fulfill it with the support of Andruetto Funeral Honors. In fact, the team, in addition to supporting you in the management of all bureaucratic procedures, is also available to provide the most suitable cinerary urns, each model is customizable.


The owners tell us that the Cremation is an increasingly popular choiceinstead of the traditional burial, even for those who choose the Catholic rite. After cremation, the ashes are collected in an urn which can be placed in an ash cell or emptied into the common cinerary at the cemetery. Or be placed in a niche together with the coffin of a relative or in the family tomb. Still be kept by the family at home, according to the provisions issued by the individual municipalities. Finally, the ashes can be dispersed in nature. Finally, cremation is a complex bureaucratic procedure to manage, as authorizations and concessions are required, so it is important to rely on the industry professionals.


The Andruetto Funeral Honors I am at Piossasco, Giaveno, Bruino, Sangano and Volvera. The historic business of the Andruetto family has been at the service of people for five generations in the difficult moment of the loss of a relative. The company is family-run and only employs highly trusted internal collaborators. Over the years, Onoranze Funebri Andruetto have been able to keep up with the times, updating and implementing their services to always respond to new needs. An important presence in the area that has always been characterized by an excellent relationship between the quality of the services provided and their economic value.


  • organization of civil and religious funeral ceremonies
  • composition and dressing of the body
  • preparation of funeral chambers
  • cremations, inhumations, entombments, exhumations and exhumations
  • handling of funeral and cemetery paperwork
  • handling of the procedures for obtaining the survivor’s and inheritance pension through qualified professionals
  • trained and trusted internal staff
  • supply of funeral caskets and cinerary urns
  • floral arrangements
  • internal and professional service for printing posters, obituaries, keepsakes
  • posting obituaries and publishing announcements
  • supply of tombs, grave covers, tombstones and votive statues
  • own hearses and homologated, suitable and suitably equipped vehicles for the transport of corpses
  • national and international funeral transport

The Andruetto Funeral Honors I am open 24 hours a day. Do not hesitate to contact the five agencies to request information, assistance, a free estimate or an appointment.

Andruetto Funeral Honors – Email: ofandruetto@gmail.com – Page Facebook

Piossasco – Via Pinerolo, 181 – Tel. 011 9064079

Giaveno – Piazza Maritano, 3 – Tel. 011 9376002

Bruino – Via Orbassano, 4 – Tel. 011 9087885

Sangano – Via G. Bert, 1 bis – Tel. 011 9087885

Volvera – Via Ponsati, 19 – Tel. 011 9850195

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With the support of Onoranze Funebri Andruetto you can fulfill the will of the cremation of a loved one