What help on bills can also be asked by those who take the citizenship income

The continuous rise in the cost of gas and electricity in recent months is making it very difficult to pay bills at the end of the month. This applies to both businesses and households.

In fact, with the next Aid-ter decree, new bonuses for households and businesses could arrive. In any case, the state already provides a discount on bills for the most needy families.

We are talking about the cd social bonuses also known as bonus bills. The bill bonus is recognized automatically. For this purpose, a ISEE within a specific threshold.

Having said that, it is questionable whether the earners of the Basic income can get the discount on their bill. Well, let’s start from the fact that by January 31 of each year, even those who take the citizenship income must submit a new DSU and new ISEE 2022, to be attached to the RdC application.

From here, we give an answer to those who take the citizenship income and would also like to take advantage of the bill bonus.

The citizenship income. Income and capital requirements

The Basic income it can be requested by families who comply with specific income and capital requirements.

In particular, the family unit must be in possession of:

  • an ISEE of less than 9,360 euros (in the presence of minors, the ISEE is considered for services aimed at minors);
  • real estate assets in Italy and abroad, other than the home, not exceeding 30,000 euros;
  • a value of movable assets not exceeding 6,000 euros for the single, increased based on the number of family members (up to 10,000 euros), in the presence of more children (1,000 euros more for each child beyond the second) or members with disabilities (5,000 euros more for each member with disabilities and 7,500 euros for each member in a condition of severe disability or non self-sufficiency);
  • a family income of less than 6,000 euros per year, multiplied by the corresponding parameter of the equivalence scale (equal to 1 for the first member of the family unit, increased by 0.4 for each additional adult member and 0.2 for each additional minor member , etc).

This last threshold of 6,000 euros has increased to 7,560 euros for the Citizenship pension. If the household resides in a rented house, the threshold is raised to 9,360 euros.

Bonus bills for citizenship income earners

In the introduction we asked ourselves if the bill bonus can also be requested by those who, month by month, receive the recharge of Basic income.

Well the answer is positive.

In fact, the bill bonus was established with the aim of helping families in economic difficulty, supporting them in paying the cost of electricity, gas and water.

Therefore, the bonus concerns the supply of: electricity, natural gas and water.

To access the bonus, the applicant must meet specific requirements.

In particular:

  • the family unit must have an ISEE not exceeding € 8,265, or the person requesting the bonus must belong to a family unit with at least 4 dependent children (large family) and an ISEE indicator not exceeding € 20,000;
  • one of the members of the ISEE household must be the holder of an electricity and / or natural gas and / or water supply contract: with a tariff for domestic use (i.e. the supply must serve premises used for family homes) or, to access to the social water bonus, for active resident domestic use (ie the service must be in progress) or temporarily suspended for arrears.

The bill bonus is for families with a maximum ISEE of 8,265 euros. With the Legislative Decree 21/2022, the so-called Ukraine decree, the ISEE value of access to the electricity and gas bill bonuses was set at 12,000 euros.

The enlargement of the beneficiaries of the bill bonus is valid for the period 1 April 2022 – 31 December 2022.

In any case, to get the bill bonus, it is necessary and sufficient:

  1. submit the DSU every year and obtain an ISEE certificate within the bonus access threshold,
  2. or be the owner of Income / Citizenship Pension.

Therefore, the bonus is granted automatically to the recipients of RDC.

What help on bills can also be asked by those who take the citizenship income