“We do not pay”, even in Cosenza the national campaign against expensive bills

CORIGLIANO – ROSSANO (CS) – IS Gerardo Smurra, president of Simet to explain to AGI the painful choice that led to the dismissal of 40 people (another 30 spontaneously gave up their jobs), motivating the reasons for the reduction in personnel due to a huge crisis that has hit and continues to affect the entire passenger transport including one of the largest companies in Calabria operating in interregional transport. “The crisis situation of our company starts from afar, from an agreement that has failed with the FS group. We’ve had two years of corporate disasters, then came Covid, war and expensive energy. All this has put us in difficulty. We therefore had to follow, through the association of industrialists, the process aimed at reducing personnel in order to reduce costs ”.

We had to close 10 travel agencies – explains Smurra – we have reduced the exercise, we have reduced connections. We did 8 races in Rome, now we do one. Traffic has decreased for various reasons, of a technical and social nature as regards mobility from South to North. We are a pure market company, we have no contributions or relations with the Region. We had some refreshments but very small in 2020 compared to a reduction in turnover of about 80%. We had 240 employees, then we went down to 100 and now we have been forced, very very reluctantly, to take other measures tothrough regular trade union proceduresthe. The redundancy fund was not granted to us, although in January there was a meeting with the Region. The competent council commission had undertaken to verify the possibility of activating the Cig. We have been without layoffs since April but the communication reached us in August. So since April we have so far paid staff who were supposed to be in the Cig but who are not. We inevitably had to lay off 40 people. We have been operating for 80 years – he underlines – and we try to carry the company forward in the best possible way. We hope that the FS have the good sense to sit down and review the situation. We did not ask for money – explains Smurra – but simply work that was not given to us ”.

Straface (FI) “after the elections the institution table with the Region”

An opening for the dismissed workers comes from the regional councilor of Forza Italia Pasqualina Straface who announced a possible institutional table in the Region at the end of the elections “The Calabria Region is following with attention and apprehension the story of the 40 workers of the long-distance transport company Simet. A story that is particularly close to the heart of President Roberto Occhiuto and to all of us for what concerns the future employment of these workers. We will not remain helpless in the face of the difficult situation in which these fathers of families currently find themselves. We express our utmost solidarity and closeness to all of them, to their respective families and to the same company, which experiences difficult moments similarly to what happens to numerous other entrepreneurial realities operating in the regional and national territory. However, non we can and do not want to make false promises and sow illusions, nor to lend ourselves to exploitation on the eve of an electoral competition, in line with the conception that animates our political action. Therefore, immediately after that ballot meeting, we will start an institutional discussion table between the Region, Simet, workers themselves and their representatives, directly involving the regional councilors and the departments of the body in charge of addressing the issue “.

“The goal is to individing shared solutions to reintroduce the 40 workers into the production circuit, in order to guarantee them the necessary conditions for the continuation of an activity suited to their respective abilities. A commitment by President Occhiuto and the whole Calabria Region – concludes Straface – which testifies to the concern for those involved in this delicate affair, both from a human and professional point of view. We are living in a delicate phase of economic conjuncture and we wish to provide answers in a tangible way and with a great sense of civil, social and political responsibility ”.

“We do not pay”, even in Cosenza the national campaign against expensive bills