[Visites insolites] The Caussenarde Farm of yesteryear in Lozère

Occitania is full of little-known sites which nevertheless bear witness to the rich local heritage. Le Journal Toulousain takes you off the beaten track, to discover characteristic places of the region, which rarely appear in tourist guides. Today, go to Lozère for an unusual visit to the Caussenarde Farm of yesteryear.

In the kitchen of the Caussenarde Farm, we warm up by the fire CC-BY-SA-4.0 HPB48150-Wikimedia commons

It is a leap in time, more precisely to the 17th century, that you will make by going to the Caussenarde farm of yesteryear, located in the hamlet of Hyelzas, in Hures la Parade, in Lozère. You will discover and share the daily life of the Pratlong family, owners of the premises since 1640. Inside, time has stood still. The faithful reconstructions and the period furniture give an insight into the life of the peasants of the Causses.

This intrusion into the daily life of the Pratlong family leads young and old to discover how our ancestors lived. And one can easily become aware of the harshness of life in the Causses of Lozère. Lots of work, little distraction, and significant financial concerns that required saving water, electricity, reusing and repairing objects so as not to buy them again.

As if we were there…

Spartan living conditions that can be seen as soon as you enter the premises. The farmhouse has been restored, but one is struck by the rigor of the limestone walls and vaults and the limestone slate roofs (type of stones used to cover the roofs). In the kitchen, which dates from the 17th century, we discover members of the Pratlong family (mannequins), around the fire, dressed in period clothes and clogs. Rudimentary objects, but essential for everyday life, are arranged on the shelves or placed on the table, as if they were still in use: coffee grinder, stoneware pots, cauldrons… Even the sausages hang from the ceiling. Nothing is missing to have the impression of visiting these hosts. And all the rooms of the farm are arranged in this way, from the kitchen to the bedroom… not to mention the agricultural buildings in which you could be amazed by the tools which made it possible to work in the field or raise livestock.

A real immersion that the Pratlong family has been giving visitors since 1973. It was in that year that the granddaughter of Irma Julié, the last resident of the farm, decided to transmit this heritage testimony to as many people as possible. Since then, children and grandchildren have taken over to welcome tourists and maintain the premises. And according to the seasons, they organize activities to broaden the discovery of the lifestyles of their ancestors, the way in which they entertained themselves, the way they worked…

Practical information: La Ferme Caussenarde d’Autrefois, Hameau de Hyelzas, 48150 Hures la Parade.
find schedules and rates on the venue’s website, as well as the possibilities of guided tours.

[Visites insolites] The Caussenarde Farm of yesteryear in Lozère