“To my mother, the queen.” Princess Anna between past, present and future as a tireless royal

“I was lucky to be able to share the last 24 hours of my dearest mother’s life. It was her privilege to be able to accompany her on her final journey. ‘ Also there royal princess Annain the river of words of condolence that has been flowing since the day of death of Queen Elizabeth, he decided to fix, with a public statement, the emotions and the emotion for his loss. She did it with a message that fully reflects his style: straight to the point, honest, no frills. So she is the second child of the sovereign, whose life and reign are being celebrated right now with a series of solemn events and ceremonies before the state funeral on September 19th in Westminster. And so she has always been her.

In this period of mourning, the weight of farewell, the slow dilution of pain and sadness in the journey that led Elizabeth’s coffin to London from Scotland fell on her shoulders. Anna, aged 72 in August, was with her mother in her final moments and then accompanied her stoically on her last journey, with the silent and gentle presence of the second husband, Sir Timothy Laurencewhich, like her, never wavered in the course of the laborious transfer of the sovereign’s body from one end of the United Kingdom to the other.

a recent shot of Princess Anne with her husband, Sir Laurence, as the coffin arrives in Northolt, near London, before moving to Buckingham Palace

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Anna, sincere princess

The title of royal princess, which historically, since 1600, has been entrusted to the eldest daughters of a sovereign, has accompanied it since 1987, the year in which Queen Elizabeth pinned it with pride and affection. From a restless teenager, emblem of a style and a fashionable taste that should be analyzed and more celebrated, Anna became the mother (of Zara and Peter, children of her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips) and then a grandmother without ever losing sight of either maternal example, nor the teachings of Prince Philipa father to whom she has always said she is grateful, close and similar.

Anna is the most tireless royal: the subjects, who do not look favorably on the huge taxes invested, despite themselves, in maintaining the burdens of the royal family, find in her a point of reference, review in her 500 and more commitments a year (He also broke the record in 2021, when he attended more events than his brother now King Charles III) gratitude towards the privilege which, by birth, belongs to her. For her part, Anna does not get lost in gossip and, since she has been a working royals, she has never done so: her character, revealed by interviews and chats with the most trusted journalists – not so frequent, to tell the truth, being the very reserved royal princess – it is that of a confident and brisk woman, dedicated to the monarchical and resolute cause, grateful and tireless.

the royal princess anne in 1973

Royal Princess Anne in 1973

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“When Diana died, my mother did what she had to”

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The ITV reporter Chris Ship, fishing from his personal and very large album of interviews with royal insights, celebrated the royal princess Anna by republishing an interview a few years ago, one of the rare moments in which the queen’s daughter opened with journalists (which, as said or made to understand instead several times, usually can not stand). In that interview, Anna tells the honors and burdens of her role, revealing the background of the hardest years for the royal family, in particular 1992, the one that saw the public separation of Carlo and Diana, from Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew and also of Anna from the first husband, as well as the terrible fire at Windsor Castle. On the family dramas, which in recent decades have dominated the tabloids, Anna said: “Private problems with relatives are always difficult”, without getting too far off balance, because if there is one who believes that dirty clothes should always be washed in your own rooms, that’s right there princess royal.

who is princess anna, the daughter of queen elizabeth

A snapshot from the royal family album: Anna and Carlo in 1970

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On the crime that had involved his mother Elisabetta in the hours following the death of Diana Spencer in 1997, when the sovereign was harshly criticized for not returning to London from Balmoral to pay homage to the newly deceased Princess of Wales, Anna, in an interview with Ship, affirms with conviction. “My mother did exactly the right thing, no boy William and Harry’s age could have handled such a situation publicly.” And on the indissoluble relationship of Elizabeth with the Duke of Edinburghhe said fondly that theirs was a “partnership between two people who complement each other.”

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Anna’s future

In King Charles’s plans there is austerity, downsizing of the staff, more concentration on royal duties. And, of course, less senior royals, who, at the moment, are represented only by the sovereign and Camilla, his queen consort, by the princes of Wales Kate and William, by the accounts of Wessex Sophia and Edoardo. And from Anna, in fact, that, according to the Guardian, as his elder brother’s confidant and sidekick, will play an increasingly prominent role in royal affairs. Or, at the very least, hopefully you will be recognized even more officially for the long work you have done for the Crown.

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The Princess Royal with her brothers Charles and Andrew and her nephew William during the procession that moved the coffin of Elizabeth II from Buckingham Palace to Windsor

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She was the only woman, Anna, to walk alongside her brothers behind her mother’s coffin on the journey that took Queen Elizabeth from Buckingham Palace to Westminster, on September 14. The women of the family, by tradition, travel by car and do not take part in the procession on foot: but Anna, who imposed her presence in 2002 for the funeral of her grandmother, the Queen Mum, has earned on the field and with tenacity the right to be there. So, just like during the funeral procession in Windsor for farewell to his father Filippo in 2021, the royal princess Anna walked, with a sad look but never giving in to tears and with great dignity, behind her mother’s coffin. He traveled with her around her country, and she always brought her home. About her Yours courtsy, the official reverence, at the passage of the maternal coffin at the gates of Holyroodhouse, in Edinburgh, is one of the moments that we will remember with greater emotion in the years to come. Faithful, Anna, as she always has been, beyond death.

the royal princess anna

The royal family outside Holyroodhouse, Scotland

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“To my mother, the queen.” Princess Anna between past, present and future as a tireless royal