They are loved by young and old: dogs with pointy ears

Dog breeds with pointy ears? They are very popular and loved by everyone. Let’s get to know them better here in the article, focusing on characteristics and many curiosities.

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Four-legged friends strike us as few animals can. With their gaze of complicity combined with the sweetness and loyalty they show every day to the human master, the furry ones have characteristics that make us fall in love, starting with their appearance. There are many dog ​​breeds and all particular. Let’s see, here, the dog breeds with pointy ears.

The ears of four-legged friends

Dog friends are particular animals, whose physical characteristics are useful tools for their very survival. Among these we find, of course, the ears. We read, specifically, how these can help trusty.

Dog breeds with pointy ears
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Loving dog friends is really easy, taking into account that, in the world, they exist many types from hairy able to make happy all people with different characters and needs.

This is precisely one of the reasons why we love these animals so much, why for everyone from we there is a dog breed capable of giving us endless understanding and affection.

Dogs have always been perfect companions for life personality And needs different, depending on the race they belong to and their background.

In addition to like so much their enthusiasm and their way of approaching the owner, the specimens also amaze us for their appearance, which we look a lot according to our tastes.

There are so many different and unique specimens at the same time. Some of them are small in size and round muzzle, then the large ones are full of soft fur.

Even the ears of the furry are all different. These are essential characteristics for the bau, as employed for feel any sound near and farnoise and threat that advances and, therefore, to survive in every context.

Dog breeds with pointy ears are very popular, very cute to look at and important because they allow animals to pick up better sounds and any audio.

Let’s find out, together, which are the furry ones with this characteristic.

Dog breeds with pointy ears: here are the specimens

Equipped with important ears, with an edge over other dog breeds, these specimens with an always attentive or amazed expression, are loyal and lively friends together with loved ones. Let’s get to know them better below.

Specimens with pointed ears
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The dog breeds with pointy ears I am:

  • German Shepherd;
  • Bull Terrier;
  • Chihuahua;
  • Samoyed;
  • Akita Inu;
  • Siberian Husky.

German Shepherd

The first among the pointy-eared dog breeds is the German Shepherd. An example that has always been loved, fido is endowed with great courage and initiative, especially to help.

Dogs with pointy ears
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Intelligent, obedient, willing And passionate of many sports and work activities to share with the human master, the German Shepherd is a dog from guard awesomeperfect for those who live alone in the countryside or want to feel more protected and safe.

Bull Terrier

In second position we find the Bull Terrier. Smaller but super energetic and always active. An unmistakable hairy with unique features. We read more about him here.

Exemplary awaits the master
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With the long nose and little eyes dark and triangular deep-set, the Bull Terrier needs to be trained by a confident and capable owner. Much courageous And skillfulhe needs to express all his energy and human company is very important to him, otherwise he will start having tantrums.

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Could not miss, among the breeds of dogs with pointy ears, the nice and sparkling Chihuahua. We are talking about a very popular small specimen.

The furry one looks at the master
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The Chihuahua has nothing to envy to anyone, indeed! There are not many specimens that can slip into a handbag and follow the owner everywhere. A little dog fun And adorable, whose ears also have feathers that can fan out. Affectionate and sociable, he loves being the center of attention, otherwise better prepare for teasing.


The Samoyed also belongs to the category of dogs with straight and pointed ears. It is a wolf-like specimen. Let’s see better here.

Serene dog in the green
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Equipped with a thick and soft coat and with his own long nose irresistible, the Samoyed looks a lot like a wolf and is very reminiscent of soft toys. If well behaved, this furry man knows how to live peacefully together to other petsand loves the company of family, especially children, with whom he loves to play a lot.

Akita Inu

Another, among the pointy eared dog breeds, is the wonderful Akita Inu. This specimen is originally from Japan and they boast a lot about it. We still read about him.

Bau stopped in the street
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Particular example, the Akita Inu has a character dominant, he is independent although very fond of his family. With characteristics similar to those of a feline, in fact, this furry one is Very careful to the his territory and is a perfect watchdog. He is also very demanding in grooming and needs constant attention.

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Siberian Husky

The last canine specimen with pointed ears, of which we speak, is the Siberian Husky. This dog is extremely intelligent, agile and protective.

Little dog at rest
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Among the best exemplary Nordic runners, the Siberian Husky has many characteristics of a wolf and it really is reliable if you give him a task to do. Lover adventure And great curiousneeds an attentive master, because he tends to run away to get to know the world.

They are loved by young and old: dogs with pointy ears