The second film of the saga “Ruby’s Pearl”: Ruby goes to college

Sttas evening at 21.20 on Rai 2 there is the second chapter of Ruby’s pearl, saga taken from the bookish one of Ruby Laundry – written by VC Andrews. Together with twin sister Giselle (Karina Banno) Ruby Dumas (Raechelle Banno) is grappling with a new adventure set in the American 60s. Directed by David Bercovici-Artieda, the film was released in 2021.

Ruby’s pearlthe plot of the movie

Ruby continues her journey in search of her own happiness. The first chapter ended with his arrival at his father’s house. Now, after a year spent together with Pierre (Gil Bellows)at the wife of the latter, Daphne (Lauralee Bell)and to twin Giselleis about to embark on a new adventure. Together with her sister he moved to Grennwood, an exclusive boarding school for girls only. “The best school in the whole of Louisiana,” assures Pierre, a few minutes before saying goodbye to his daughters.

Despite the idyllic premises, the experience in Grennwood is immediately quite arduous. A period of great suffering begins for Ruby. To complicate her days, hatred from principal Ironwood (Marilu Henner). The woman is informed of Ruby’s past by Daphne. She knows she grew up in bayou, a swamp in Mississippi, Louisiana, and for this reason it is not considered a reliable person. So, he advises her that he will keep an eye on her throughout her stay.

Plus, it’s constantly picked on by her sister, which does not leave her a moment of respite. She never misses an opportunity to humiliate her and scheme behind her back. All in cahoots with the mother Daphne. In reality, relations with the latter were already tense at home. The woman has never welcomed the arrival of Ruby in their lives and now she tries to get rid of him permanently.

The meeting between Ruby and Louis Clairborne

However, that won’t be an easy feat since her husband Pierre is madly in love not only with Giselle, but also with the newfound daughter.In addition, Ruby has a strong character and does not give way. In Greenwood, then, she meets Abby (Sage Linder)a girl with a big heart, who will soon become her best friend.

Meanwhile, he enters their lives Mrs Clairborne (Glynis Davies). Ruby, Giselle and Abby are invited for tea and, between chatting, Ruby runs into the the woman’s nephew, Louis (Richard Harmon)intent on playing the piano. They exchange a few jokes, but perhaps enough not to go unnoticed.

Ruby discovers that the boy has experienced a real tragedy on his own skin. LHis mother was having an affair with a younger man. She was caught in the act by her husband, who killed her, before taking his own life. A pain too strong for Louis, who he awakens from his coma completely blind.

The return of Beau and the death of Ruby’s father

The relationship with the Clairbone family continues. One evening, Ruby is invited to dinner by Louis and the two have a first approach, even if at the end they don’t kiss. In his life, then, returns boyfriend, Beau Andreas (Ty Wood), with whom he has sexual intercourse in the barn. Meanwhile, the acquaintance with Louis continues, but the twins have to face a new tragedy.

In addition to having to take measures with a relationship that is anything but swimming, they are informed of the father’s death. Daphne informs them that they will get their share of the inheritance when they turn 21. Ruby disagrees at all and informs Uncle Jean of what happened. When Daphne finds out, prevents her from attending the funeral.

From here on, a whirlwind series of events begins for the Dumas sisterswhich will turn their lives upside down. First of all, Ruby is kicked out of Greenwood. She is accused of having entertained with Buck (Darien Martin)but most likely it’s just the umpteenth plan hatched by her sister Giselle.

From left Lauralee Bell, Gil Bellows, Karina and Raechelle Banno. (Rai)

Ruby discovers she is pregnant

Speaking of the latter, the twists also concern her. Indeed, it turns out that she is not forced to live in a wheelchair. The girl can walk perfectly. She decides not to because they get compassion. Again, Daphne communicates her decision to marry Bruce Bristow (Chad Willett).

In all of this, Ruby discovers she is pregnant. Daphne wants her to have an abortion and forbids her from seeing Beau. So he decides to ask for help brother Paul (Sam Duke), who lives in New Orleans. She moves into the house where she spent her childhood and starts writing a new page.

The cast of Ruby’s pearl

What does the future hold for her? Will she bring this child into the world? And what will become of the relationship with Beau? In addition to the actors already mentioned, in cast of Ruby’s pearl Bronwen Smith (Mrs. Penny), Meaghan Hewitt McDonald (Miss Stevens), and Ellen MacNevin (Samantha) also appear.

Yet, Beverley Breuer (Mrs. Gray), Leanne Allen (Luke’s mother), Montgomery Bjornson (Louis’ father)Axton Morris (young Louis), Bob Frazer (Jean Dumas), Clan Boyd (Jacqueline), Maddy Hillis (Kate), Milo Shandel and Amanda Marier.


The second film of the saga “Ruby’s Pearl”: Ruby goes to college – iO Donna