The Piacenza Palliative Care association is looking for volunteers, here’s how you can lend a hand

The search for volunteers for support initiatives promoted by the Piacenza ODV Palliative Care Association is officially active, the reality that provides therapeutic, diagnostic and assistance services aimed at both the sick person and the family. A company that pursues the noble mission of offering patients with advanced or terminal illnesses material and psychological support at home, an environment that favors greater involvement by both the patient and the family.

The membership campaign is part of a project with the dual objective of spreading the culture of Palliative Care in the province and raising awareness among citizens through the organization of events and fundraising. It is anticipated that the volunteers may, in the future, be assigned to relational activities with patients and families followed by the Home Palliative Care Operating Unit of the Piacenza Local Health Authority.

There are many initiatives aimed at achieving the indicated aims:
• Development of a network of solidarity and attention to the patient and the family, through integration with services and associations operating in the area;
• Design and implementation, with the aforementioned public and private bodies, of awareness-raising activities on palliative care issues aimed at the community and health/welfare personnel, promoting their dissemination through the media;
• Promotion of training and professional updating initiatives for the aforementioned medical and nursing personnel, by making specific scholarships available;
• Starting a fundraising campaign necessary for the purposes of the Association;
• Support for palliative care research;
• Acquisition of equipment and materials.

And now the subjects admitted to the selection.
The application to join the selection campaign can be submitted by individual citizens – who do not already hold roles of direct responsibility in local associations – with strong motivation and aptitude for volunteering, in possession of the following requisites:
• Availability for the preparatory and organizational phases of cultural events and/or demonstrations, for the motivational interview with a psychologist in charge of establishing the candidate’s suitability, and for attending the basic training course (free);
• Psychophysical fitness in relation to the activity to be performed;
• Between the ages of 18 and 75.

Once these criteria have been satisfied, it is possible to submit the application either personally, by agreeing with the Secretariat on 338/8750943, or by email to in both cases, it will be necessary to present the application form completed and traceable on the website and attach a copy of your identity card. All by and no later than Saturday 31 December 2022.

For more information, especially of a regulatory nature, we invite interested parties to consult the volunteering regulation on the site

The Piacenza Palliative Care association is looking for volunteers, here’s how you can lend a hand –