The health of Brianza and general practitioners: “Still 17 thousand citizens without reference”

The transformation of the San Gerardo in IrccsA scientific research and treatment institute, should not change the way patients access treatment: Carlo Maria Teruzzi, president of the Brianza medical orderdissolves the concerns that for years have accompanied the process for the birth of the scientific hospitalization and treatment institute.

“We have no reason to think – he explains – that specialist assistance and general medicine will undergo some changes. We will continue to refer to Ats even if some functions could be attributed to hospitals ».

In the coming months, he adds, it will be clarified whether in our province territorial medicine will continue to report to both the San Gerardo and the presidium of Vimercate or whether the competences relating to the health sector will also be transferred to the latter Monza.

GPs and the situation in Monza and Brianza

On the front of family doctors, the situation remains gloomy due to the shortage of white coats which in many municipalities is creating serious inconvenience to citizens: the problem worsened in July when, according to data provided by Atsin Brianza 17,000 people were left without a doctor both as a result of retirement and the transfer of professionals to other regions, in some cases without prior notice. «A few days ago – says Teruzzi – at a conference on community houses organized in Vimercate people complained and they are right. Ats buffered the holes in the city like Limbiate And Brugherio extending the medical on-call service to daytime hours: in this way prescription of prescriptions and examinations are guaranteed but not continuous contact with patients »essential for building the relationship of trust.

To try to plug some flaws a July the president of the order Teruzzi wrote a letter to the fifty new graduates of the Bicocca, Statale, San Raffaele and Pavia universities inviting them to make themselves available to the ATS to carry out medical duty shifts and replace family doctors, in hospitals and residences for the elderly : few, however, responded to the appeal.

“For years there have been no young people – comments Teruzzi – with the new rules a limited number of patients can also be entrusted to those in the first year of the training course but few have signed up to the latest notice published”. Recently, some vacancies have been filled by professionals fleeing from hospitals, including a primary from San Raffaele: “It is not the first time this has happened – adds the head of the provincial order – for some time there has been a lot of awareness among the wards malaise due to the lack of personnel, as shown by the shifts covered by external cooperatives in some emergency rooms ”.

GPs, bureaucracy, answers

To try to reverse the trend and make the profession of doctor of general medicinehe suggests, there is a need to reduce the bureaucracy that forces general practitioners to steal several hours a day from their patients to fill in cones of forms and that discourages new generations to pursue careers.

It would also be essential to simplify the calls to access the profession: “The solution to increase the number of doctors – he exclaims – is certainly not the one adopted in Calabria where 500 Cuban operators have been enrolled” thanks to a collaboration agreement signed by the Region with the society of doctors of the Caribbean country, criticized by many professionals and by trade associations. Initially, white coats who speak our language should enter service and should subsequently be joined by their colleagues at the end of an Italian course.

The health of Brianza and general practitioners: “Still 17 thousand citizens without reference”