The five questions of L’Espresso, answers Severino Nappi

The answers to our questions from Severino Nappiregional councilor, leader of the League in the Chamber of Deputies in the Campania College 1-02.

What are the two indispensable proposals of your coalition’s agenda to be addressed in Parliament as priorities?
“Fiscal peace and Flat Tax, that is to say the two measures with which to start immediately for real support for families and businesses, and avert the economic catastrophe that risks leading the country to no return. More than 15 million Italians are threatened by tax bills. Fathers of families and entrepreneurs are faced with a choice: put the plate on the table, pay the salaries of employees, or arrange for the payment of the folders. For this reason, as reiterated by the Lega and Matteo Salvini, it is now necessary, moreover with an unprecedented energy crisis, to take action to scrape the files and reach fiscal peace. Similarly, it is necessary to intervene with the extension of the Flat Tax – which thanks to the League, is already a reality for two million VAT numbers – to employees, pensioners and businesses. The Tax Authority must not be Count Dracula who bleeds the taxpayer, but must give the possibility to pay less and to pay everyone ”.

If he is elected, how do you plan to build and maintain a continuous dialogue with your chosen territory? How many days, hours, weeks will you dedicate to your territory? How will it report on the activity carried out? In what places?
“As I have been doing for years with the territory in which I am elected also in competitions that provide for preferences. I answer the phone and meet everyone. I frequent our territorial offices, and even after I am sure that I will keep this pace. No condition can ever distance me from my people, from the many administrators who have shared my project now ours for years. The link with Campania and the needs of the Campania region is indissoluble. Precisely for this reason, should I be elected, my first proposal in Parliament will be that of an amnesty for building abuses of necessity in Campania, to resolve once and for all an issue that today, with the resumption of the demolitions, risks throwing into the street 500 thousand from Campania. Nobody says that this number stems from thirty years of absence of social housing policies, from the impossibility of obtaining building permits for their houses due to administrative inefficiencies and regulatory tangles. And even more so for the non-application, only in Campania and because of the Democratic Party, of the 2003 amnesty. The result is the lottery of the culling that every year extracts 500 families of poor Christ who are seen throwing the house in which they live. . But does this seem justice to you? Not me. For this reason, from the seats of the opposition in the Regional Council, last August, together with my colleagues from the center-right, I tried to get everyone to pass a law, from right to left, which would certify the willingness of the whole Campania to close a painful page which concerns almost one in 10. De Luca and his team said no, once again turning their backs on citizens in difficulty. But we will not stop. We will continue and carry out in Parliament the battle that Matteo Salvini has defined as civilization “.

Who are the financiers of your political activity?
“Look, let’s talk about four pennies in funding from some friends. All promptly reported. For the rest, they are personal sacrifices that come from the activity as a freelancer and university professor that I carry out ”.

How do you undertake to remain free from interests and conditioning?
“By remaining myself. It is a life that I am free by personal, professional and political choice. I earned my freedom by studying and working and I would not lose it for the world. They often tell me that I have a bad temper just because I always say what I think, but I have a very free mind and I’m proud of it ”.

What has he actually done in the territory in which he is a candidate?
“When I was regional councilor for work (Caldoro administration, ed) I created the first and only work plan in the history of the Campania Region, spending and making use of the entire European regional social fund. We are talking about over a billion euros. Do you think it was the only time that a letter of congratulations arrived from Brussels for the quality of the projects and for the consistent correctness of the expenditure. I could continue with the school-workshops of master craftsmen, the technical-pre-professional centers. I managed the worst crises of those years, as regional councilor of Campania I prevented the closure of the Whirlpool plant in Carinaro, saving about a thousand jobs. That is to say what Di Maio, as Minister of Labor, was unable to do in Naples with the same company. I could go on and on, but I don’t want to bore her any longer “

The five questions of L’Espresso, answers Severino Nappi