The Dépêche Foundation welcomes pianist Kamilè Zaveckaitè

Each year, the Dépêche Foundation, in partnership with Piano aux Jacobins, invites the actors who support and collaborate in its actions, its advertisers and loyal readers to a musical evening with a concert, given, to remain its very nature, by a young artist. This Monday evening, it is the young Lithuanian pianist Kamilè Zaveckaitè who will show the extent of her talent… Meeting

How was your passion for music born?

Kamile Zaveckaite : From a very young age, from the age of 2, I loved to sing. I constantly needed attention and applause after performing all kinds of songs, dances and poetry for my family and friends, whether asked or not! I started to play the piano at the age of 7 which seems late to me today but, nevertheless, I gave my first recital of one hour less than a year after having started. Since then, the stage has become essential to my life.

What is your relationship with the Festival Piano aux Jacobins?

A very inspiring and tender relationship with this festival that never tires of surprising me over time. Since the great Latvian pianist Dainis Tenis suggested I come, I’m delighted and I owe a lot to the Piano aux Jacobins team who trusted me and haven’t stopped inviting me since 2014. And so, I have visited the Pink City several times and I appreciate its inhabitants as well as its delicious gastronomy. I have the impression of knowing it better, I like its architecture, its pleasant streets and this atmosphere so characteristic of the south of France even if, because of the rehearsals, I have little free time and only go through the same places. But it cheers up every time! I am happy to be back in Toulouse!

Which repertoires, which composers do you like the most?

My tastes are constantly changing depending on the repertoire, the composer, the work covered. Program choices simply reflect the phases of a performer’s emotional condition. However, I adore Maurice Ravel, Robert Schumann, the composers of Spanish and Latin music, which I will play this Monday evening. But I feel criminal not to mention the other legends of the piano as well as those that I love even more. But, what do you want, it’s frustrating to realize; for a pianist that there won’t be enough of a lifetime to play everything…

Is music your only passion in life?

Nope ! My greatest passion in life is life itself! With all its ups and downs. I receive all moments in symbiosis with nature or with people as gifts of life. I like to travel, read, watch movies, not to mention yoga!

Do you have musical models?

I used to idealize certain legends or my piano teachers but I realized that one can be disappointed by their character, their behavior or the values ​​they defend outside the musical sphere. Rather, what I’m looking for as a model is the music itself. She will always have honest answers to all your questions, she will always keep you motivated. Every day, we must try to be a better version of ourselves, appreciate the path we have traveled and project ourselves into the future to always reach new dreams.

Monday September 19 at 8 p.m., private concert, at the Jacobins cloister.

In partnership with the Piano aux Jacobins festival, the Fondation Dépêche welcomes this Monday, for a private concert, the talented young Lithuanian pianist Kamilè Zaveckaitè

The Dépêche Foundation welcomes pianist Kamilè Zaveckaitè