The Apple Watch Ultra is available for sale

Today Apple customers can buy the new Apple Watch Ultra, Apple’s latest connected watch is essentially dedicated to extreme sports enthusiasts and is ultra-resistant in the event of shock. If you missed the announcement, here’s a quick summary of Apple Watch Ultra specs and features and where to buy it!

Launch of the Apple Watch Ultra in France

Since the first generation of Apple Watch, consumers have criticized the Cupertino company for not thinking about users outdoor sports enthusiasts. In other words, to design an Apple Watch more robust and able to last longer over time.
This year, Apple has finally responded to this request by offering the Apple Watch Ultra, a new connected watch with a more thickbut entirely created to satisfy users who spend days scuba diving, who climb mountains…

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With the Apple Watch Ultra, we find a lot of advantages that we don’t have with the last Apple Watch Series 8 and the other models:

  • Exceptional battery life of up to 36 hours in normal use or 60 hours with energy saving mode
  • A design in titanium for improved strength and corrosion resistance
  • A new raised housing which protects the flat screen for side impacts.
  • New screen of 49mm (the largest screen seen so far on an Apple Watch)
  • Water resistance up to 100 meters
  • the wayfinder dialit allows you to switch between the clock and the compass in real time and can accommodate eight complications
  • Two speakers
  • A siren capable of emitting up to 86 decibels within a radius of 180 meters
  • 3 straps exclusively sold with Apple Watch Ultra

As well as several other advantages that make this new connected watch a little gem of technology!
As with the Apple Watch Series 8, you find Apple Pay, Siri, fall detection, accident detection, ECG, heart health notifications, blood oxygen measurement, sleep tracking as well as the new temperature sensor.

Where to buy the Apple Watch Ultra?

If you pre-ordered it, you will probably receive it today by UPS/DHL or in the next few days/weeks if you weren’t quick enough after the pre-order started.
For those who have not gone through the advance orders organized by Apple and resellers, know that it is possible to obtain an Apple Watch Ultra from today.

Here are the most popular retailers offering home delivery or in-store pickup right now:

  • Darty
    A lot of Apple Watch Ultra references are currently unavailable at Darty. However, there are many models that are marked as being in stock with a delivery for tomorrow or a free pick-up in store.
    The advantage of going through Darty is that you get 4 months of Apple Music Family free.

    The Apple Watch Ultra is available at 999€
  • Cdiscount
    With its ultra-fast delivery, Cdiscount offers you the Apple Watch Ultra with different bracelets. From what we can see, there is stock available, but delivery times vary depending on the model you choose.
    If you have the Cdiscount subscription at will, you will be able to get your Apple Watch Ultra tomorrow, but for that, you will have to be quick to place an order.

    The Apple Watch Ultra is available at 999€
  • Fnac
    This retailer appears to have a large supply of Apple Watch Ultra available for launch today. If you are interested in getting the new connected watch quickly, it is worth approaching Fnac.
    You have the option of requesting home delivery or simply going to make a free withdrawal from the store closest to your current location.
    The advantage of going through Fnac is that you get 4 months of Apple Music Family free.

    The Apple Watch Ultra is available at 999€

For people who only have Amazon in mind, we don’t mention this retailer (on purpose), because the Apple Watch Ultra are not available on the site. You will notice that with a simple search or on the Apple seller profile, no Apple Watch Ultra can be found at all.

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The Apple Watch Ultra is available for sale