The appeal of women’s anti

Pangea Foundation Onlus, National Association of Volunteers Telefono Rosa, UDI (Union of Women in Italy), Reama anti-violence network, Nosostras Association and UIL work in various ways to protect women victims of violence. And now they form a single entry to send one official request to Ministers Bonetti and Gelmini and to the President of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces for the urgent convening of a review table to modify the document on the minimum requirements for CUAV (Centers for Male Authors or potential authors of Gender Violence), which will be approved today in the State-Region Conference ”.
“That document” let the associations that just yesterday sent a telegram to the ministers know “will be approved in the absence of a real consultation and discussion on the final document, not allowing the possibility of a real confrontation with those who have been working and spending for years to counteract the gender-based violence. There are many doubts and the critical points we ask for modification: failure to comply with the provisions of the Istanbul Convention in terms of the protection of women and minors with respect to the path of autonomy from the perpetratorimbalance between Cav and CUAV in the disbursement of loans in relation to the time commitment required and the number of actual accesses received, just to name a few.

We denounce the risk of family mediation, passed to art. 6 as “Victim safety” to protect women but which in reality leaves open a window of “contact with the abusive partner” which cannot exist in cases of violence as required by the Istanbul Convention. Those involved in supporting victims of violence know how dangerous contact with the abused man is. The art. 6 in fact, it can be misinterpreted and there is a risk that a woman, if she refuses contact with the violent partner, will be considered an obstacle by the competent authorities in the investigation, judicial or by social workers and the health sector. A woman who with difficulty decides to embark on a path out of violence, wants to be welcomed, believed and protected in order to achieve her freedom. She should not be forced to have contact with the perpetrator of the violence who abused her and her children over the years, or with CUAVs. Consequently, not even a refugee center or a shelter should be forced to share information with associations for abusive men if a risk is assessed for the woman and her possible children. We believe that the state cannot be an obstacle to the protection and autonomy of women and their children from violence. This CUAV document is.
It is not the CUAVs that have to deal with the safety of women and the protection of minors but the anti-violence centers.

Instead, it would be advisable for this document to define the responsibility of the CUAVs towards the paths they carry out with the abusive men and that they respond to their real effectiveness both in terms of number of accesses and for the results achieved in the long term. For this cWe immediately ask to be convened around a review table of the criteria to avoid the approval of a document that would undermine the autonomy of the way out of the violence of women and the work of the Anti-violence Centers ».

The appeal of women’s anti-violence associations to limit the centers hosting abusive men