Ten requests from families to Venetian candidates

An open letter that ends with the suggestion of ten program points. The Forum of Family Associations of the Veneto – that is the largest and most articulated association representing families in our region (30 organizations present in all the provinces) – writes to the candidates of all the parties who present themselves in the political elections of 25 September and suggests some key points for the future of the countrybirth rate and fair taxation in the foreground.

Even with an electoral law that does not allow to choose the candidate, observes Adriano Bordignon, president of the Forum who signs the document, after the elections we will need “a dialogue between the territories and the Parliament based on continuous meetings, comparisons, spaces for verification”. For this it is useful to set some necessary priorities. Two first of all, according to the Forum: “Support for the birth rate and tax equity for families they are the pillars of a strategy for a structural intervention that wants to offer the country a “future” ».

The data cited in the letter are disheartening. In 2021, for the first time in the history of the country, the newborns drop below 400 thousand. the natural balance of births / deaths in 2021 is 309,000 units: it is as if, in one year, the cities of Padua and Vicenza had disappeared. In Italy there are now no mothers: in 2008 there were 14 million women of productive age, today we have reached 11.7 million, in 30 years there will be just 9 million.

These are situations that will have a very heavy impact on GDP. The document quotes Istat president Giancarlo Blangiardo: “Today’s GDP is about 1,800 billion, in 2070 we will have something like 1,200 billion, that is 560 billion less, or 32% less GDP, only due to the demographic change “. And well we are in Veneto in the thirteenth consecutive year of the collapse of the birth ratewith the closure of sections or entire schools, with an increasingly reduced rate of the employable population, despite some timid positive signs, such as the growth in marriages recorded in 2021, + 85% on the previous year.

What to aim for in a country that sits at the bottom of the table in Europe on birth rates and family policies? here are the ten points suggested by the Forum. It starts with the creation of a Ministry of the Family finally with a portfolio, and of a Commissioner for the birth rate, the use of funds from the NRP to fight the demographic imbalance, aid to families on bills that take into account the family composition, introduction a taxation system based on family burdens, revision of the ISEE, refinancing of the Single and Universal Allowance for a further 6 billion euros, intensification of family-work reconciliation policies and support for sharing paths of parental care tasks, deduction from income of a minimum fee of 300 euros per month, increase of the full-time offer in schools and finally total exemption of taxes / duties for one year for all young couples who get married.

Around these points, the Forum, which wants to take up Pope Francis’ appeal not to “stand by and watch from the balcony”, asks today’s candidates and tomorrow’s parliamentarians to open a lasting and effective dialogue and to ensure support for all of these points or some of them “. Will the next legislature be able to grasp these stimuli? For Bordignon there are no doubts: “We are in fact at the last crossroads: to resign oneself definitively to demographic and socio-economic decline or to roll up one’s sleeves to restore momentum to the whole country-system? It is no longer the age of half measures: Italy needs courageous, responsible and far-sighted parliamentarians “

Ten requests from families to Venetian candidates