Sustainable ways and reasons to watch the matches of your favorite team

Going to a football match in a stadium is always a risky activity for fans. Traffic jams, queues for parking or accidents can make traveling by car an unreliable option in the face of the flow of people for these types of events. This is why it is possible to resort to other means, when it is not easy to have a car and time is running out to see PSG or Barcelona play their matches.

And among these means we can consider the following options: walking, a healthy and healthy action, but maybe by the time we get to the stadium, the first half will be over; take public transport, which is much more sustainable, but this does not guarantee that you will not waste time in a traffic jam; or go to bike. Cycling is a sustainable way, healthy and fast to get to the match before kick-off. Although to choose your bike it is important to evaluate a number of factors that are usually easy to find in ecommerces that provide all the characteristics of their products, such as the case at Bike24, a portal for the sale of sports tools with a huge catalog.

This sporting goods store has a special section for cycling that offers a detailed range of products in its catalog: different parts, as well as a varied selection of bicycles depending on the terrain or route. For example, if you need to go to a game of your favorite team, but the stadium is on top of a mountain, your option might be to choose models of mountain bikes or sports bikes which allow you to hold on better and save money with each pedal stroke. If, on the other hand, you are looking to take a leisurely ride through the streets of your city, then road bikes or city bikes may be the way to go. Although there is always the best option, which is not to risk being specific and to choose a model of mountain bike, with which any environment that surrounds you will be adapted to its practice.

Additionally, there is also the family option to share the games of the weekend. In addition to the bikes that couples, father or sister can use… You can also go in the company of the youngest members of the family, because on this site you will also find the most reliable and economical options for children . With colorful models and all the necessary comfort to ensure the safety of the little ones, what could be better than a bike ride in the city accompanied by the people closest to you, to then attend that football match you’ve always dreamed of? the week or which has been promised to you as an unforgettable experience. Family activities can now be healthy, sustainable and fun, and you don’t have to worry about theft when you leave your bike outside the stadium, because Bike24 offers chains with theft insurance.

These reasons, plus the list below, should be enough to convince anyone to take a bike to get there, especiallyat a football match and, in general, for anywhere.

Reasons to take the bike to go to a football game

1. You get to know your city better and discover new places you’ve never been to by car.

2. Cycling boosts your health: it is good for your bones, muscles and circulation system.

3. The bicycle is less polluting, as we have already mentioned, because it does not emit CO2, which makes it one of the most ecological modes of transport.

4. Economics is key, what a bike costs you may be less than what you could spend on gas for three months.

5. And the most important reason, arriving at your destination without pressure and exercising alone is the icing on the cake: arriving on the field and watching your football team win the game.

Sustainable ways and reasons to watch the matches of your favorite team