Solidarity holidays and self

Italo over the years has invested in a series of measures aimed at strengthening its commitment in the world of sustainability according to the three ESG dimensions: environmental, social and governance. Particular attention is paid to social initiatives, which are born for the people within Italo and are then extended to the entire community: in this regard, the company has decided to launch new projects dedicated to the families of its employees, inaugurating days of training aimed at training and raising awareness among participants.

The sessions will focus on two main themes: self-defense for women and clearing maneuvers.

As for the first path, the one on women’s self-defense (inaugurated last March 8 among the employees, who responded enthusiastically to the company proposal), Italo organized 4 days of training: the first on September 24 in Rome, then on 1 October in Naples, on 15 October in Milan to end on 25 November, on the occasion of the world day against violence against women, again in Rome.

The family members of Italo employees (mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, etc.) will face real training sessions on the subject of self-defense, led by professionals who will teach how to manage a possible aggression and recognize the verbal and non-verbal signals to prevent it . The

The course will consist of a first theoretical part in which topics such as gender-based violence and psychodynamics of confrontation will be addressed, in order to intercept and defuse dangerous occasions, followed by a practical session that will transmit techniques and tactics of self-defense to react to aggression physics. The techniques will be presented by instructors of Krav Maga, a martial art of Israeli origin. The aim of the course is to allow women to recognize risk situations and react correctly to safeguard their own safety. At the end of each training day, the participants will receive a certificate to certify the learning of the course concepts (pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08).

As for the unblocking course, BLS (Basic Life Support), Italo has announced an ad hoc training day on first aid maneuvers, with a focus on airway clearing and resuscitation techniques and on cutting and administering dangerous baby food.

A pTheoretical and practical course conducted by Dr. Marco Squicciarini and its specialized team of Pediatric Basic Life Support. Small and simple rules that save lives every day, preventing and giving way to intervene when needed.

Another novelty at Italo is the institution of the “Solidarity holiday bank”: thanks to this tool, all workers will be able to voluntarily and free of charge hand over to their colleagues the excess days of leave. An Italo employee will thus be able to obtain up to a maximum of 30 additional days in a year to provide care and assistance in the event of serious illnesses of a child or if forced to be absent for a long time due to an illness. An act of solidarity that allows the person to face a complicated period of his life, without the worry of work. The psychological support project undertaken thanks to the Conciliamo call of the Department for family policies continues successfully: in partnership with Welfood, Italo provides 6 completely free meetings for staff following traumatic events or 4 days if cause of stress is not traumatic in nature. In just 2 months already 40 people have decided to undertake this path thanks to the company support, for a total of about 120 meetings already held / scheduled.

“There are issues on which it is increasingly important to train, to give people the right knowledge. For this reason, Italo has decided to extend these courses to the families of employees as well: learning a self-defense technique or knowing how to carry out a pediatric unblocking maneuver does not only concern the working sphere ”comments Gabriele Cerratti, Human Resources & Organization Director of Italo. “Certain notions can be useful in everyday life and to fully understand their value it is right to train and sensitize people. We are proud to offer this opportunity to the families of our employees and we are sure that many will respond to these meetings, as already done by the Italo staff who are giving more than positive feedback on the latest initiatives undertaken “.

Solidarity holidays and self-defense courses: from Italo new projects for employees – Corriere Nazionale