Single check, one hundred euros more for large families, aid for high bills and Quota 103: the 30 billion Maneuver. And check the tax on home deliveries

Maneuver coming. The provision will be for 30-32 billion, most of which will go towards measures against expensive energy. “Today we will address the issue of timing and content: the figures are those already foreseen by the Nadef, now we must move forward”, says the undersecretary for the implementation of the program GiovanBattista Fazzolari. The maneuver will belaunched on Monday afternoon by the Council of Ministers, then a race against time will begin in Parliament which is already creating some anxiety for the majority. At the end of next week the text should arrive in the Budget Committee in the Chamber and, at the moment, the arrival in the Chamber is expected no earlier than 20 December. Inevitably, the passage in the Senate will only be technical, to close before Christmas or immediately after.

Maneuver 2023, skip the shield for the capitals

In these hours, assessments are underway on the possibility of re-proposing a shield for self-reporting and the return from abroad of capital hidden from the tax authorities, a solution similar to that implemented by Matteo Renzi’s government, which in 2015 led to the recovery of around 2, 5 billion euros. The effect of a new disclosure is estimated at 3-5 billion, which would reinforce the amount of 30-32 billion that emerged in the last few hours’ meetings on the maneuver, 21 of which (in deficit) intended for aid for families and businesses to face the expensive energy. The suggestion would have come from the technicians to propose this measure in another measure. The MEF, in a note, clarified that “no amnesty of a penal nature will find a place, in any case, in the maneuver”, the measures of which “are currently under political evaluation”. According to the latest assessments, however, the cash shield is destined to be set aside.

The budget law will include the increase to 5,000 euros from 1 January of the ceiling on cash, which otherwise would go from 2,000 to 1,000 euros in 2023. The measure was initially envisaged by the aid decree quater, whose publication in the official gazette is awaited, but – it seems also after an objection from the Quirinale – it was moved to the budget bill, due to the lack of the typical urgent requirements of the decree.


The flat-rate scheme with 15% taxation for the self-employed will be confirmed, with the ceiling raised from 65,000 to 85,000 euros, while more advantageous rates on production bonuses are being studied for employees. The resources should be enough to confirm the 2-point cut in the tax wedge and, on pensions, to avoid the return of the Fornero law: the focus is on a combination of 41 years of contributions and 61 or 62 years of age.

Single check

Doubling from 100 to 200 euros of the flat-rate increase of the single universal allowance for families with four or more children and 100 euros more for families with twin children, up to the third year of age. These are some of the proposals that the Ministry of the Family, led by Eugenia Roccella, puts forward in view of the development of the next budget law. The increase would take place from 2023. The lump sum is added to the 100 that are already paid today as an increase in the cheque. In short, every month the families in which there are four minors will receive 200 euros in addition to the single allowance. To give an idea, a family with an ISEE of 15,000 euros and 4 minor children will receive aid of 1,190 euros.

Pensions, the launch of Quota 103

To avoid the return of the Fornero law, the bridging solution for 2023 should be a combination of 41 years of contributions and 62 years of age. The resources come from the squeeze on the citizen’s income (the hypothesis, three years in all, with the entire check insured for only 18 months).

Flax tax and wedge cut

On the “flat tax” the current threshold for the self-employed is expected to be raised (from 65 thousand to 85 thousand euros), while the introduction of the incremental flat tax is being evaluated, but only for the self-employed. For employees, on the other hand, the reduction of taxation on productivity bonuses is being studied. On the wedge, the maneuver should be limited to replicating the 2-point cut introduced by the Draghi government, at a cost of 3.5 billion.

Tax truce, skip the shield

For folders up to 2015, we are moving towards the cancellation of those under one thousand euros and payment with a mini-penalty for those over 3 thousand; there would be coverage problems for those between one thousand and 3 thousand euros (which they wanted to halve). On the other hand, the “voluntary disclosure” on capital abroad would not be proposed.

TV bonus and decoder: refinancing hypothesis

Refinance the TV and decoder bonus for another year. This is the proposal for the budget law put forward by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, which provides for an allocation of 100 million for 2023. The refinancing is for two existing contributions: for the purchase of TVs, after scrapping a non-compliant appliance, with the disbursement of a single contribution per household, equal to 20% of the expenditure within the limit of 100 euros; for the purchase of television sets without scrapping or decoders, with a contribution for families with ISEE up to 20 thousand euros, 30 euros or the sale price if lower.

Tax on home deliveries

Among the hypotheses which would have been discussed during the majority summit on the maneuver there would also be that of a tax on home deliveries to encourage local trade. This is what some participants in the meeting report.

The taxation of games

A cornerstone of the maneuver will be the review of the law on the taxation of extra profits, with a rate not yet defined which could be 33%. Other resources are expected from the tightening of the citizen’s income (three years in all, with the entire check insured for only 18 months, the hypothesis), and an increase in taxes on tobacco and online gaming is also being studied.

Among the fixed points there are also the tax truce on the bills between one thousand and 3 thousand euros and the reactivation of the Strait of Messina spa, which has been in liquidation for nine years. A first step, claims the deputy premier Matteo Salvini, for the construction of the bridge between Sicily and Calabria, a mission with which the company was created in 1981.


Single check, one hundred euros more for large families, aid for high bills and Quota 103: the 30 billion Maneuver. And check the tax on home deliveries