Roger Federer: children, wife, homes, diet, sponsors, Barilla advertising and that surprise after the lockdown

He has won twenty Grand Slam tournaments, time will tell whether or not he was the greatest tennis player ever. But already a moment after the announcement of the farewell from the scoreboards, there are those who swear that he will not love any other tennis player except Roger Federer. Appreciated for the elegance in the game, but also in the life outside the circles. Discreet, almost never over the top, but with many passions and commitments. Here is the world of King Roger, the castle he built around to shine 24 of his 41 years at the top of world tennis.

Federer, the Basel fort left at 14

Federer was born on 8 August 1981, Basel means home. Swiss the father RobertSouth African la mom Lynette. In fact he and the older sister Diana they have double passports. Growing up on the border with France and Germany allowed little Roger, a Swiss-German speaking, to learn German and French well. A huge fan of the football team of the Swiss city, who still goes to see the stadium when he can, he started playing tennis in this golden bubble. Fortunately, he left at the age of 14, to go to train at the Swiss National Tennis Center in Biel: the masters, in him, had already seen a potential champion. Thirty thousand francs per year of enrollment, at 16 the decision to drop out of school to devote himself entirely to tennis. “I’ll give you three years, then otherwise you’ll go back to studying”, said the father during the handshake between gentlemen. At 18 he was already number 64 in the world. But it cost him so much pain to leave the places where he was born: “I cried a lot, I talked a lot on the phone with my mom – he told in an interview – it was two difficult years”.

Federer announces retirement: “The last Laver Cup tournament, my body said enough”

by Simone Monari

Federer and his wife Mirka

Wife, manager, psychologist. For many Roger Federer would not have been Roger Federer without Mirka. To the century Miroslava Vavrinec, a former Swiss tennis player of Slovak origin who in 2002 had to abandon his favorite sport due to serious physical problems. Galeotte was the Sydney 2000 Olympics, where the two met, both on the pitch for Switzerland. From then on they never separated. During King Roger Mirka’s career he blunted Federer’s edgy youthful character, followed him everywhere as a manager. Or more than a normal manager. He gave it that balance that The Swiss Maestro he then brought under the net for years: elegance and class.

Federer and his children: two pairs of twins

Federer and Mirka got married in 2009. Soon after, twins were born: Myla Rose And Charlene Riva. In 2014 a new pregnancy of Mirka, other two twins, this time male: Leo And Lennart. The two girls love music and are learning to use some instruments. Federer has already made a promise to his four children: if any of them want to play tennis, their father won’t be the one to give them lessons. “I want them to be trained by a professional coach.” Who, with his father watching from the sidelines, will at least feel slightly embarrassed.

Federer, Nadal’s greeting: “A sad day for sport, an honor to share these years with you”

by Nicola Apicella


Roger Federer’s houses: two in Switzerland, one in Dubai

Between awards and sponsors, Federer is estimated to have earned at least one billion dollars throughout his career (the current one is around half). What, then, will three houses be? Two in Switzerland, the last in Dubai. One more beautiful than the other. The headquarters of the Federer family, which cost eight million euros, is located in Wollerau: a fortress of over five hundred square meters, on several floors, whose windows overlook on Lake Zurich. There is a swimming pool on the roof. To take the kids to ski, however, the champion bought one chalet in Lenzerheide, where he also built tennis courts. And a ready-to-use system is in front of the house Dubai, paid 14 million euros. “I like this city – Federer said – the climate is always pleasant, there are good restaurants, the beach. And then we have few friends here, so we take advantage of it to stay with the family”. When he played (yes, it’s strange to say it), it was the mid-point between Australia or his commitments in Asia.

Federer, the tennis player loved by sponsors. Advertising with Barilla

“A man in the hand, a winning sportsman, a nice face. Federer is a safe investment”. For years, marketing agencies and big brands have repeated this phrase, spilling gold casts on King Roger. The brands that have been represented: Uniqlo, Rolex, Mercedes-Benz, Gilette, Credit Suisse, Moët et Chandon, Wilson, Jura, Netjets, Lindt, Rimowa And Sunrise. Just to remember the main ones. From which she is estimated to have earned ninety million dollars a year. And how to forget the Barilla advertisingwhen Federer entered the homes of Italians preparing a tomato sauce for spaghetti con lo chef Davide Oldani.

Federer, the video that went around the world during the pandemic

Also on the initiative of Barilla, Federer immediately after the first lockdown made a big surprise Carola And Victorytwo girls of Finale Ligure that they had moved the world by playing tennis from one terrace to another of their homes. Images of resistance, but also of the desire to leave again. So, after the restrictions were relaxed, the Swiss champion went to visit them and joined the game. Moved, he gave them the best afternoon of their life.

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Federer and the dog Willow

This year, during the Roland Garros missed due to injury, Federer announced on Instagram a new arrival in the family: the Willow dog. “In the end we gave up, but we couldn’t be happier than that.”

Federer and the champion’s diet

Federer loves the Mediterranean diet and has followed its dictates throughout his career. What did he eat on his typical day? For breakfast a waffle with fresh fruit or maple syrup and a freshly squeezed orange juice. For lunch, pasta topped with a fairly light sauce. As a snack, an energy bar or a banana. Finally, at dinner, on his table, specialties of Italian cuisine, which Federer has declared to adore.

When Gianni Clerici wrote: I saw Federer, a big kid with a holy hand

by Gianni Clerici


The Roger Federer Foundation

Since 2003 the Roger Federer Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports many projects around the world. Most of it concerns children from the most disadvantaged areas of the planet. The last donation was in favor of Ukrainian children, half a million euros to guarantee them the right to education despite the war.

Roger Federer: children, wife, homes, diet, sponsors, Barilla advertising and that surprise after the lockdown