Reception and support for parenthood, the meeting “All the colors of foster care” in Castelfranco

There are many forms of foster care and not everyone knows it. IS with the aim of making the community aware of the theme of hospitality and making the various forms of family fostering better known, the meeting will be held on Thursday (November 24) in the auditorium of the lower secondary school of Castelfranco di Sotto in Piazza Mazzini aimed at families All the colors of foster care.

The initiative is organized on the occasion of the international day of the rights of children and adolescents this Sunday (November 20) by the Municipality of Castelfranco di Sotto together with the Leonardo Da Vinci comprehensive institute, the social service and the foster care center of the Company of health Empolese Valdarno Valdelsa.

This meeting opportunity is intended to be the beginning of a collaboration with the school aimed at spreading and promoting the culture of hospitality and family fostering, as a resource of social solidarity, with a view to supporting parenthood, family education and the promotion of childhood rights. The itinerary will start from the illustration of the various forms of foster care, focusing in particular on the experiences of proximity reception and supportive closeness. In addition to the operators of the foster care centre, the meeting will feature the testimonies of people who are undergoing reception and foster care experiences.

Fostering is a more or less intense aid from a person or a family to children and teenagers, but also to their families, for a limited period of time. Fostering is a supportive process of acceptance, closeness and support for children which mobilizes the community to respond to the emotional, educational and care needs to which every child and adolescent is entitled. In fact, with foster care, the minor temporarily meets a family or a person who welcomes him. At the same time, the child’s family is helped to overcome their difficulties and to strengthen and/or recover their parenting skills.

There are various types of foster care, from the more demanding ones, arranged to protect children and young people in serious difficulty and which therefore require temporary removal from the family context, to the lighter and less conventional forms of reception. The foster care center is committed to the wide range of preventive fostering (such as part-time fostering, weekend fostering, for a few hours a day, proximity projects) aimed at supporting children and young people and their families in managing the activities everyday life and to prevent possible future inconveniences.

“Many girls and boys who live in our area would need to find help to grow up. For some, only a few hours of reception a day or a week would be enough, for someone a weekend, for someone a longer period – they explain from the foster care center – Not everyone knows that there are many forms of family reception and foster care. So many ways to lend a hand”.

“We are happy to promote this meeting, which aims to be the first step towards the creation of an open dialogue with families, through the school – commented the social councilor Chiara Bonciolini – Sometimes we don’t know social realities very close to us. This is an opportunity to feel an active part in the community”.

I am happy to host this meeting and that the school can act as a meeting point for the territory for initiatives that promote the culture of hospitality, support for parenting, family education, with a view to promoting childhood rights”. added the head teacher Sandro Sodini.

Reception and support for parenthood, the meeting “All the colors of foster care” in Castelfranco – IlCuoioInDiretta