Piero Angela never said “I love you” to his wife. With his son they called each other by name

It records the audio of the birth of the children Alberto and Christine Angela. The thread between generations: Father Carlo saved dozens of Jews and conducted a scientific dissemination program on the radio. Crazy social media for grandchildren: 40 fake profiles for Edoardo

Raise your hand if you think immediately of Piero Angela when he hears L’Aria on the fourth string

by Bach. All. Because on the jazz arrangement of Swingle Singers that entered our homes: with the initials of Quark, the success exported to the world thanks to the intuition of recording the episodes in both English and French. Forty years of science explained in the living room, the professor we dreamed of in class. This is why we seem to have known him so well, even if in reality he was very reserved. Characteristic common to all Angela. Starting from Carlo, the father, righteous among the nations, an anti-fascist doctor who saved dozens of Jews by hospitalizing them in the psychiatric clinic he directed in Piedmont. A traveler, he lived in France and England and worked in the forests of the Congo, before leading a baby scientific dissemination radio program.

The red thread that reaches Alberto, a researcher on television, starts from him, that son of whom Piero Angela had recorded the audio of the birth (he did the same for his eldest daughter Christine, in 1958), on the same day in France the referendum for the independence of Algeria was voted. Those are magical moments, an emotion that remains for a lifetime, he told us once, exceptionally overcoming the reluctance in private. Because his son, at work, called himself by name, as is done among colleagues. They started collaborating in 1989 by writing together The extraordinary history of man. He described the evolution with a journalistic approach, I got there more as a researcher, I still had the dust of the excavation on me, said Alberto, who perhaps pat that he had never been helped by his parent to do his homework. true: everyone has to play the part of him. Besides, I was always out, explained the father.

Love at first sight with Margherita

Between Margherita Shepherd
and Piero Angela was love at first sight. He claims to be one of the ten percent of lovers whose lot is this state of grace. It was she who dragged the suitcases on more than one trip, since his spouse had suffered from a herniated disc since he was 25 years old. And although she followed him from Turin to Rome, from Paris to Brussels, during all the wanderings imposed by his career in Rai, he confessed that he never said I love you, justifying himself with the Piedmontese dialect, which does not include the verb to love: in compensation had filled her with I love you.

An unconventional grandfather

Never having considered retirement, he was not a conventional grandfather. With Simone and AlessandroChristine’s children, and with Riccardo, Edoardo and Alessandro, those of Alberto, was not too present (We are very close, but usually the grandparents have time available, they are retired. I do not carry out those functions …). It certainly struck him, and not positively, the sudden attention that catalyzed Edoardo (now in his third year of Materials Engineering at Imperial College London) when he debuted on social media, inundated with comments about his good looks: he came to have 40 fake profiles! During Covid, however, he missed his grandchildren a lot. Every now and then we make a video call – he admitted – but being together is another thing.

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Piero Angela never said “I love you” to his wife. With his son they called each other by name