Ok CA FriulAdria agreement in Crédit Agricole Italia. Extraordinary mobility avoided and cadres maintained

The integration agreement of Crédit Agricole FriulAdria into Crédit Agricole Italia avoids the use of extraordinary mobility by reducing the impact of territorial mobility. The agreement, signed on 9 November, confirms “the maintenance of the classifications, length of service and roles accrued by the workers at the date of the merger, as well as the preservation of individual agreements, individual rights and ad personam allowances” .

As the site reports First Cisl Credit Agricole, “in analogy to the previous company integrations into the Parent Company, particular provisions will govern the supplementary pension, while, with regard to health care, in 2023 the company contribution will be paid to the Fim for members of the same and to the Unisalute policy for the remaining personnel. The current check-up permit is also confirmed for 2023 and 2024 and the Fim will continue to be financed for the next 10 years from the cash surplus recorded in CA FriulAdria by the merger date. Starting from 1 January 2024, the health care system in force at CA Italia will be extended to CA FriulAdria staff”.

As regards “the part-time employment relationships existing on the date of the merger will continue under the same conditions until the natural expiry of the term already set, without prejudice to any adjustments to working hours made necessary by changes in the working hours of the membership implemented in compliance with the current regulatory framework”.

“Personnel seconded to other companies will continue to carry out their work without interruption according to the current conditions in place until the secondment expires. The secondments which, due to the merger, will see their closure will be governed in compliance with what has already been reported regarding the safeguarding of existing individual agreements”.

The issue of classifications and territorial mobility was also addressed: “the parties, given the common desire to achieve a company supplementary regulatory review, agreed to continue to apply the current provisions until new agreements on the matter are reached”. With the agreement reached, the personnel concerned are also safeguarded “the current provision regarding the Loyalty Bonus (25th year), while the legislation in force at CA Italia on the subject of “disabled benefits” will be extended to CA FriulAdria personnel, with the clarification that for the current beneficiaries the amount remains 2,000 euro as the requisites set forth in CA Italia are met. This provision will remain in force until the harmonization of the same matter at group level”.

“From the date of the merger – as can be read on the Crédit Agricole Italia website – the parent company regulations will also apply with reference, by way of example, to the family allowance (pro quota for 2022), risk allowance, availability, permits for breastfeeding (20 minutes allowance)”.

“The negotiation also highlighted the opportunity to carry out an in-depth and weighted homogenization and regulatory adaptation activity on many typical issues of second-level bargaining” (…) Lastly, “the role of the associated health care systems present in the group that have been performing their function admirably for decades, whose values ​​of solidarity and mutuality deserve to be absolutely preserved”.

The joint statement of the Secretariats of Fabi, First Cisl, Fisac ​​Cgil, Uilca and Unisin of the Crédit Agricole Italia Banking Group

The agreement statement signed on November 9, 2022

Ok CA FriulAdria agreement in Crédit Agricole Italia. Extraordinary mobility avoided and cadres maintained