Nursery bonus, funds allocated by the state exhausted: what happens

As often happens with tax breaks and the funds allocated by the state to help families meet current expenses, the deadline for submitting applications coincides with the last day of the calendar year. And in fact, the next 31 December 2022 is the last day also available to apply for the daycare bonusthe measure introduced by the second government chaired by Giuseppe Conte and then confirmed by the team of Mario Draghi (now in its last days of activity before Sunday’s vote) to facilitate families with one or more dependent children attending childcare institutions.

The news of the last few hours, however, has thrown into despair the many citizens who have not yet managed to obtain the discount for not having yet submitted the application complete with required documentation. According to what was communicated by the INPS (the National Institute of Social Security) through a message that appeared on its website and relaunched in the following hours from the official social pages of the institution, it seems that the resources allocated for the nursery bonus – first from the Giallorossi executive and then increased from the current one – they are already termite when there are still more than three months to the deadline communicated to the families.

Nursery bonus, the funds allocated by the state are exhausted: what happens now for families with children

Responding to a question posed by a lady through a comment on the post that appeared on the Facebook profile, the INPS has however specified an important factor concerning families who unfortunately will not be able to re-enter the audience of beneficiaries, at least not now. In fact, the message reads verbatim: “The questions that, based on the timing of presentation, due to insufficient budgetwill not be accepted will in any case be collected in the databases in the institution and allowed but with reservations“.

The institute then goes on to explain that “should they be found at the end of the year remaining sums still available, the same questions can be retrieved by the employees and asked during the processing phase according to the order of presentation acquired “. A comment that left a bad taste in the mouth of thousands of users who intervened in the online discussion. But this still represents a hope for the many nuclei that, for the most diverse and disparate reasons, have not yet had the opportunity to connect to the INPS site and upload all the documentation necessary to testify your right to receive the benefit.

Nursery bonus, what the discount consists of and how much is the discount for families

The news of the exhaustion of the funds allocated for the daycare bonus however, it also leads to questioning some key issues, raised in the hours following the announcement by industry experts. The technicians of the ministries involved (that of the Economy, that of Education and that of Equal Opportunities) have calculated exactly the number of potential families who would have requested access to the discount? Or was there a smaller audience, more concentrated on some specific segments of the population? In this regard it is good to remember what are the requirements to access the discount.

The daycare bonus it is a support for the payment of the economic fees that families all over Italy are called to support for the attendance of authorized public and private institutions by their children. But it is not just about this, because it is also guaranteed in the form of House assistance in favor of children with less than three years who are suffering from serious chronic diseases. The maximum amount foreseen, paid directly by INPS through the classic methods of accreditation, is three thousand euros.

Nursery bonus, how the amount of the subsidy changes based on the family’s income

Things then change from family to family: in fact the maximum amount payable to the requesting parent, starting from 2020, is determined on the basis of the so-called Isee minors valid, a value that refers to the minor for whom the service is requested. Exist three different ISEE bracketslisted below:

  • For households with an Isee income equal to 25 thousand euros per yearyou can receive a maximum monthly amount of 272.73 euros for 11 months.
  • For all those who fall within the range that goes from 25,001 to 40 thousand euros of Isee income, you can get a maximum monthly amount of 227.27 euros for 11 months.
  • Finally, for those who certify over 40 thousand euros of annual Isee income, you can receive a maximum monthly amount of 136.37 euros for 11 months.

Nursery bonus, what are the requirements to obtain it and how to submit the application to INPS

The application for the nursery bonus can be submitted by the parents of minor children (born in Italy or adopted with a regular procedure) who meet the following requirements:

  • Italian citizenshipcitizenship of the European Union or a replacement document certifying the ownership of a residency permit recognized in Italy, among which the residence card issued to political refugees and holders of subsidiary protection.
  • Certified residence in Italy or, alternatively, the header of the receipts for payment of the fee of the nursery school, which also indirectly certifies the ownership of residence in our country.

The bonus in question is only paid out after paying at least one line from the nest: it is in fact necessary to send the INPS the necessary documentation to testify the successful outcome of the transaction. It will be sufficient to present the invoice or the receipts that certify the regular performance of the economic operations carried out. Alternatively, you can also submit any postal or bank bulletins that prove the payment has been made.

Finally, in order to obtain the benefit, no certificate of attendance from the institution by the child is required. In fact, it is sufficient to present the invoices or receipts issued at the time of payment of the fee. Only in the case of public nurseries, on the other hand, is the documentation required to certify that the child has been enrolled in the nursery and has been inserted in the ranking. For all other information of a technical or bureaucratic nature and to see the institution’s answers to the questions most frequently asked by citizens (the so-called FAQs), it is possible to connect to INPS website and access the section dedicated to bonuses: specifically, the circular concerning the measure in question reports the date of issue of the February 14, 2020.

Nursery bonus, funds allocated by the state exhausted: what happens