Nest of vipers, in the hall the black Korean comedy at Tarantino with the Oscar winner Youn Yuh

Shuffling the cards is good. Despite the Far East Festival it’s a Oscar to Parasitewe are almost short of titles in the room that come from the mammoth market share of South Korea. They try to repair the crime since Thursday, September 15, those of Ubu workshops with Nest of vipersin original Beasts clawing at straws, directed by Kim Yong-hoon. A sort of multi-layered black comedy, crammed with main characters, punctuated by a certain giggly Tarantinian fury and built around the pursuit of a Louis Vuitton suitcase full of money that a sauna attendant accidentally finds in a locker and hides in the warehouse. The suitcase that we follow in detail, bomb model in the trunk at the Hell Quinlan, for a couple of minutes, on her way to the locker she is coveted by a certain gang of criminal figures: there is a corrupt customs officer with a large debt, owed to his missing wife, to a cruel and bloodthirsty loan shark; a sort of high-class maitresse who knows how to kill mercilessly and who we discover to be the ex of the customs officer; finally the loan shark himself tired of waiting for payments that do not arrive.

They mix with each other inquisitive, bizarre and lateral subplots (the curious policeman ex school friend of the customs officer who has a bad end, an escort beaten by her husband who takes his revenge helped by the maitresse), but above all the attendant’s family composed of nasty mother and overbearing because of Alzheimer’s and his wife who suffers the constant ire of it. Divided into six chapters that invite you to follow a particular or a detail of the plot (the bag, the shark, the pack of cigarettes), the film is re-connected at a temporal level so that the intertwining between the characters is always alive and brings us to an ending towards which everyone converges. The clockwork mechanism works without too much forcing, the blood pins and gushes in rivers, the characters are sufficiently and comically over the top so that – right at the Pulp Fiction – a real emotional identification hook is never fully implemented with the viewer. In short, Nest of vipers is entertainment of excellent workmanship. With an especially female cast: Youn Yuh-Jung is the servant’s old mother, Oscar as a supporting actress in 2021 for Minari; Jeon Do-Yeon is the murderous, barbaric and end-surprised maitresse of the film (we had already seen her with pleasure in The shameless and The housemaid). Taken from a Japanese novel written by Keisuke Sone.


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Nest of vipers, in the hall the black Korean comedy at Tarantino with the Oscar winner Youn Yuh-Jung – The clip – Il Fatto Quotidiano