Monaco celebrates with Princess Charlène, Albert II and the twins

from Enrica Roddolo

It is the most eagerly awaited national holiday with the Princesse de Monaco returning last March after a long absence. With Alberto and the twins and the whole Grimaldi

A kingdom, a palace, a balcony. And a princess: Charlène. She arrived this morning at the Te Deum of the National Day of Monaco alongside Prince Albert II, dressed in white. With a black wide-brimmed hat. At the function in the small church of the Principality, next to the princely couple, Alberto’s sisters: Stéphanie and Carolina.

Then the ritual of every monarchy: the view from the balcony of the Rocher of Monaco. The most awaited, after the princess’s absence from that balcony a year ago aroused concern and fear for her health conditions. Even if the Monegasques saw Alberto and Charlène together in this week of the National Day, the Grimaldi balcony is the most awaited moment of the year in the Principality which gives the Monegasques and the world the image of the small enclave between France and Italy.

And the wait, the curiosity, for Charlène’s return to the balcony is equal to that for Grace Kelly’s first appearance in 1956. After the wedding in April of that year with Ranieri III, father of Alberto. And in 1956 as today, the ceremonial of the day which represents the climax of the national holiday, November 19, the day of San Ranieri, has not changed. Te Deum at the cathedral of St Nicolas of thanks, present the complete Grimaldis. Then the view from the balcony and the family lunch at the palace, and in the evening the gala at the Montecarlo Opera overlooking the place du Casino. Back then Grace wore cerulean blue with the Order of Saint-Charles on her chest, Rainier in full uniform. Like today Alberto, flanked by Charlène, also with the decoration pinned on the white coat.

It was Alberto’s desire to keep the date of San Ranieri for the national holiday – succeeding his father Ranieri in 2005. He could have changed it to 15, Sant’Alberto: a date used during the reign of his ancestor Albert I at the beginning of the twentieth century. At the time of Prince Charles III, the inventor of the glamorous and worldly myth of Monaco, the national holiday fell on November 4th, Saint-Charles. By the way, 2022 was the year of the centenary of the death of Albert I the “navigator prince” for the Principality. Next year, 2023, Alberto instead wants to make it a celebration of his father Ranieri who was born exactly a century ago. And celebrating Ranieri will also remember the couple with Grace. And with them, the new couple Alberto and Charlène.

«Mamma Grace, of course I miss her even now that 40 years have passed since her death»he said a few months ago at Courier, Albert of Monaco caressing the rose dedicated to his mother, Princess Grace, in the parks of Nervi in ​​Genoa. Do you often talk about Prince with his children, the twins Jacques and Gabriella? “Oh yes I explained to them about the portraits and photographs they see of the palace of the grandmother they never knew, Grace,” the prince replied.

Yesterday the new princess of Monaco, Charlène, at the delivery of the 2022 honors “was very relaxed at the ceremony of the order of Saint-Charles and the Grimaldis: in the court d’honneur of the building, outdoors, for precautionary reasons due to covid – he tells the Courier the jeweler Alberto Repossi, his wife Giò was nominated Knight of the Grimaldi Order yesterday —. We talked with Charlène about her children who give her great joy and about the little Gabrielle she told me that with the lively character that the little one has, she has already said that she wants her earlobes pierced soon to be able to wear earrings. But on the national holiday there are all the Grimaldi women, Princess Carolina, always magnificent, even if she told me that now her joy is being a grandmother. And Stéphanie with her daughter Camille ».

A kingdom, a palace, a princess, a balcony. And a family. «Monaco is a big family» always repeats the prince who after the extensions of Mareterra in 2024 will also rethink the first extension into the sea that of Fontvieille. Never stop, always plan for the future. Also with the drones and nanosatellites that were seen in the skies of the Principality on Friday night for the National Day: 200 luminous drones danced above the Rocher. Homage to the prince, but also to remember that in addition to worldliness in Monaco there is a precision industry: from nanosatellites used for meteorology, to cosmetics (Lancaster, Coty group), up to medical research. “We are heading towards a season of great changes for the Principality, we will have to accelerate economic attractiveness, the ecological and digital transitions”, Albert II said exactly one year ago, announcing a new cabinet and a new government structure at the palace, the most complete government reshuffle since 2005 when he ascended the throne on the death of his father Rainier III. Result: more women, young brains and new energy.

November 19, 2022 (change November 19, 2022 | 11:13 am)

Monaco celebrates with Princess Charlène, Albert II and the twins