Maria Picardi Coliac, a life dedicated to art: “At 96 I have no intention of stopping”

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The artist from Barletta continues in his activity: I am often tired, but I cannot betray my inclination

from Giuseppe Di Bisceglie

Maria Picardi Coliac
Maria Picardi Coliac

His paintings were exhibited for the first time in Barletta back in 1943. Since then the artistic career of Maria Picardi Coliac, Mimma for her family, she never stopped. And not even the advancing age represents an obstacle for the painter and intellectual from Barletta, a pupil of Vincenzo De Stefano, who has just crossed the milestone of 96 years of age.

A life entirely dedicated to art and culture; dedication to study and research: I recognize that I have moments of tiredness – she admits – age makes itself felt but I cannot betray my natural inclination. I live in perfect harmony with my projects that become works. Her works are the passionate and exciting testimony of an intense life, steeped in contrasting feelings, reflection, affection. Motherhood, portraits, Apulian landscapes, ancient crafts are the privileged subjects of the dean of Apulian art who with her brush has outlined the characters of a fascinating and unique region.

The regret of sculpture

The joy of the masks, by Carnival of Venice and Putignano is opposed to the melancholy of the Pierrot, to still lifes; then there is the sensuality of the gypsies, of the tangheri, which approaches the lightness and beauty of the dancers and nudes. A rich production that embraces a very long artistic path. There is the regret of not having persevered with the sculpture says Maria Picardi Coliac. He jealously keeps two clay faces depicting Aeolus, king of the winds and his aunt Nannina. I’ve always liked modeling and kneading, manual skills are part of me. I consider myself an artisan and a brush worker underlines.

And still today the artist continues to create, to revive his emotions in art: in 2022 he created “L’Equilibrista” and “La tomatrice”, works that conclude the parenthesis relating to the circus and its protagonists. After the dullness, the current year, she has inspired me a renewal with an explosion of yellow, red and blue hues. But only pure illusion and appearance. After all – he says – the circus performers are forced to make us laugh and wonder but the problems remain. all ephemeral. The Circus fits this very difficult and problematic period perfectly. It represents the current criticality of our daily life that struggles between destructive moments and yearnings for discovery.

The book of poems

Ms. Picardi Coliac, in 2005, also published a book of poems entitled “Dew of life”. Her text collects her lyrics, for her an “interior need for liberation”. She often, she re-reads them, she dwells on some of her. The last lines of “Il tempo che pass” reflect her everyday life. Of them and with them, living solitude, lenir me parr ”.

The sensations of advancing age – he explains – lead us to analyze the existential journey of each of us. My daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren make up my world together with the works that mark the stages of my journey as a woman, wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. The inevitable bitterness that life has reserved for me was redeemed at the call of my spirituality and my inner strength.

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11 September 2022 | 12:35


Maria Picardi Coliac, a life dedicated to art: “At 96 I have no intention of stopping”