Maneuver. Mennuni (FdI): «Here’s how centrality is finally restored to the family»

All the measures envisaged in the financial maneuver by the Meloni government for the family and for the demographic revival are “relevant” and, especially in the current crisis scenario, represent a historic turning point. The State can finally place itself alongside the core of society and set in motion a virtuous mechanism of a not only economic but also cultural nature. Thus expressed the senator Lavinia Mennuni (Fratelli d’Italia), contacted by Pro Vita & Famiglia.

Senator Mennuni, how do you comment on the measures for the family implemented by the Meloni government? Are we going in the right direction, as hoped for in the electoral campaign?

«The main guideline followed by the government in the Budget Law was that of support for families, the birth rate and fragile categories and what is contained in the first point of the Meloni program is being implemented. I am convinced that these first rapid and incisive steps will restore centrality to the family”.

One and a half billion euros: a historic figure, which brings us closer to European countries with more advanced family policies (France and Sweden primarily)?

«France has always adopted serious and substantial policies to support motherhood and the family and the result in terms of the number of children per woman with significantly better rates than the Italian ones, shows how these measures were effective. We are going through a very serious demographic crisis and for this reason it is necessary to place the objective of supporting the birth rate and the family as a priority of all institutional agendas. The Meloni government finally gives concrete effect to the need that has needed decisive measures for too long”.

Parental leave, subsidies for the first home, VAT cut on products for early childhood: which of these do you think is the most innovative or, in any case, the most impacting measure?

“I believe that all the measures have an impact, it is in fact a set of measures that support the family both in the constitutive phase and in the welcoming phase of life and then in the education and maintenance of the children, with attention also paid to families with disabled children. I believe that, especially in the difficult period of crisis we are going through, they are all relevant measures”.

Is it enough to help young people start a family with economic concessions or is ethical-cultural work also necessary?

«It is necessary to help young people to start a family with economic concessions. In recent times, with the economic difficulties of the period, it can be said that it took courage to start a family. The State must be at the side of the first founding nucleus of society, both from an economic, ethical and cultural point of view. I hope and believe that an important work can be carried out aimed at making the creation of a family always be the most beautiful and immense life project that young people can have”.

Maneuver. Mennuni (FdI): «Here’s how centrality is finally restored to the family»