La Cali launches aid for the purchase of a bicycle

Philippe Buisson, president of La Cali, announced it this Wednesday before the community council. The urban community is launching aid this Thursday for the purchase of a bike – new or used from a professional, in a shop or on the Internet. “At Christmas, there are two gifts to make, a comic strip or a bicycle,” he added.

A process will be undertaken with Cali professionals who will be able to contract with the community and directly deduct the aid and be reimbursed very quickly afterwards by Cali. “A letter will be sent very quickly to cycle sellers asking them to adopt this third-party payment system,” added Philippe Buisson.

The bicycles concerned are: classic bicycles (excluding sports and leisure and children’s bicycles), electrically assisted bicycles, cargo, recumbent and folding bicycles and bicycles adapted to handicaps (electrical or mechanical) and electrification kit for existing standard bicycles. It should be noted that bicycles of a leisure or sporting nature (mountain bikes, racing bicycles, etc.) are excluded from the scheme because the aid is intended to be a mobility aid.

Adults who can provide proof of their main residence in one of the municipalities of La Cali whose reference tax income per person is less than or equal to 26,000 euros will be able to benefit from the aid. If a family wants to buy two bikes, they will request two different aids.

This aid is cumulative with that of the State.

The Cali does not set a budget limit with for the time being a budget line released up to 100,000 euros but which can be increased according to requests.

The aid allocated by Cali will take the form of a grant. The amount of this grant is capped at 40% of the cost of the purchase up to 500 euros within the following limits :

Individual whose reference tax income per unit is less than or equal to 6300 euros or person with a disability Individual whose reference tax income per unit is less than or equal to 13,489 euros Individual whose reference tax income per unit is greater than 13,489 euros and less than 26,000 euros
classic bike 200 euro 150 euros 100 euros
eBike 400 euros 300 euros 200 euro
Electric cargo, recumbent, folding and handicapped electric bikes 500 euros 400 euros 300 euros
Non-electric cargo, recumbent, folding and non-electric handicapped bicycles 500 euros 400 euros 300 euros
Electrification kit for a bicycle (new) 300 euros 200 euro 100 euros

The grant application file for the purchase must include the following elements:

 The completed and signed aid request form,

 A proof of residence of less than 3 months,

 A copy of the beneficiary’s identity document (National identity card, passport, driving license)

 A copy of the purchase invoice, in its own name, certified paid by the seller (it is specified that the receipt of receipt is not an accounting document and that as such it cannot replace an invoice of purchase) specifying the model purchased with its technical characteristics. The invoice must be after the implementation of the purchase assistance system

 The last tax notice showing the reference tax income and the number of tax shares;

 The Beneficiary’s Bank Identity Statement

 Sworn statement:

o not to resell the aided vehicle or electrification device within three years, under penalty of returning the aid to La Cali;

o acceptance of the intervention regulations in force;

In the event of an incomplete file, the Cali services will send the applicant the list of missing documents and information, which must be returned within one month. In the absence of regularization within one month, the file will be deemed incomplete and the grant will be refused.

The beneficiary will be able to submit their request for assistance tomorrow and send the necessary supporting documents to La Cali on the website.

People who cannot complete the procedures online can contact La Cali at the following coordinates:

Libournais urban community // 42 rue Jules Ferry – 33503 Libourne Cedex / Tel:


La Cali launches aid for the purchase of a bicycle – Le Résistant