Kate Middleton and William against Harry: patience is over, words of fire

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Kate Middleton and Prince William just don’t seem to tolerate Prince Harry’s over-the-top behavior anymore, at least according to the weekly Nuovo.

The second son of King Charles and Lady Diana has always been crazy, from a young age. In him they have found the bubbly and nonconformist character of the Spencers, the family of mother Diana. In fact, the young man has always resented the rigid royal label and even today, after moving to California with his wife Meghan and his two children, he continues to throw a spanner in the works of the British Royal Family.

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Kate and William at loggerheads with Harry: what would they tell him

Even at a safe distance from the Royal Palace, in fact, Harry has made it known that he is about to publish a very provocative book on the Royal Family, which apparently will reveal secrets never told before about Charles and the rest of the royals. A hard blow for the Royal Family, which is still unaware of what will soon be made known worldwide by the prince’s book.

The volume should be out in January (on the 10th, to be exact). A date that is itself provocative, since Kate will turn 41 only the day before. Indeed, many have seen the choice of the book’s release date as an attempt by Harry to upstage Kate and her birthday in order to get the full attention of the press and media.

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This is, of course, just speculation, but it looks like William and Kate no longer have the intention of accepting without reservation the “reckless” behavior of the brother of the heir to the throne. According to the weekly Nuovo, in fact, the prince and princess of Wales would have ordered Harry to stop spitting venom on the Royal Family, adding that his mother, the splendid lady D., would not have been happy with his behavior.

Whether Harry intends to lower his head and accept the “rebuke” of his brother and sister-in-law has not yet been clarified. However, if you look at the prince’s past, it seems very difficult that he can comply with the wishes of the two (which is that of the entire Royal Family). In addition to Kate and William, King Charles also wanted to let it be known, at least according to reports from many newspapers, that he has no intention of forgiving Harry if the latter reveals too many things about the Royal Family.

In this case, in fact, Charles said, the prince would lose his title of royal highness. Once and for all. At that point, the chances of Harry’s rapprochement with the Royal Family would be almost nil (and they’ve never been so low now). If anyone doubts that King Charles can actually take the hard way with his dear son, they are very mistaken. The King had previously “downgraded” him permanently removing the title of Captain of the Royal Marines.

In short, from what can be deduced from all this it seems that the release of this revealing book will bring about great chaos between Harry and Buckingham Palace. And we can probably say that it will not be only the members of the Royal Family who will come out with broken bones…

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