In the small villages of the Var, Les Restos du Cœur deliver to the poorest

“Our beneficiaries must be comfortable coming to pick up their meals”, breathes Philippe, while installing a barnum next to a Renault Master flocked with the logo of the association Les Restos du Cœur.

On this Friday, September 9, 2022, it is parked on a Callas field located behind a parking lot, hidden from the road by vegetation. “Some of them are ashamed to come for this help, afraid of the gaze of others in villages in the Var where everyone knows each other.”

25 families, 50 people

At his side, Martine, Laëtitia and Hector are busy setting up the crates with the foodstuffs as well as the lists of beneficiaries. That day, they will distribute food to no less than 25 beneficiaries, or meals for around 50 people, residents of Callas, Bargemon and Claviers.

“Next Friday, it will be Pignans, Carnoules and Puget-Ville”he adds.

The boost to climb the slope

“When they leave with the bags and the fresh produce, it’s a relief for them,” reports Philippe. Photo Philippe Arnassan.

A device made possible thanks to the purchase of a utility equipped with a freezer and a refrigerator for 51,000 euros.
“A brand new beast we got four months ago now”
smiles the retiree.

This former driver is responsible for the system which goes to meet new beneficiaries, often victims of life accidents and who need a boost to get back on track. Others don’t earn enough to live on each month.

A little comfort and relief

“The concept is quite simple, people fill out a file that takes into account the rent paid, a summary of the Family Allowance Fund”explains Martine, also in charge of setting the mood during the tour.

“Depending on the characteristics of the family, we compose the baskets both in terms of types of foodstuffs and quantities for the distributions.”

A clever calculation allowing many precarious people to be able to have a little comfort and relief, despite anger and shame.

“These days, people need help”, explains Philip. “Especially in remote villages.”

“We just want to help you.”

Martine and Laëtitia want to be full of empathy in the face of shameful and embarrassed beneficiaries. Photo Philippe Arnassan.

Still in Callas, a retiree comes shyly to get her food.

“She was terribly aggressive at first, and very angry,” Martin breathes.

Again, the old lady, in a hesitant tone, justifies the reasons why she became a beneficiary.

“Don’t worry! It’s you, it could have been us, tomorrow it might be; you never know”, reassures Martine.

“We just want to help you.”

After an hour, the four volunteers pack everything up. Direction Bargemon for the second distribution of the day. Claviers will be the last village covered that day.

In the small villages of the Var, Les Restos du Cœur deliver to the poorest