IL GEDE: «Parma, drops in tension and little character»

New appointment with the historic column of Sportparma “Il Gede Answers”.

Analysis and comments on Parma’s last defeat against Ternana and on the entire matchday of Serie A which sees a trio of Napoli, Atalanta and Milan in command.

How should we read Parma’s first defeat of the season?
“Before starting I would like to express all my regret for the loss of Daniele Bonezzi and express my condolences to the family and to the Sportparma editorial staff.
The first half of Parma has deceived, the second disillusioned. An unexpected Parma, against a Ternana with many absences. It might have seemed like a match within reach even though Lucarelli is the crusaders’ black beast. I started at a slow pace, but then the Crusaders had taken over the race. Everything worked, then the tensions, which are frequent in this start to the championship, and the team lost the game and the pressure, allowing the opponents to grow and win. Before the third goal, Parma had risked capitulating several times ”.

Is it a tactical, technical or mental problem?
“When Parma lost possession of the ball, a lot was discovered, opening wide grasslands behind the defenders, thus facilitating the restarts of Ternana. At a certain point Parma became a long and wide team, with enormous distances between the departments. The mental attitude of the second half was also a problem, as the team lost confidence and conviction. The second half on Saturday must alarm everyone. How can you have so many differences between the first and second half? It takes more courage, more character ”.

Six goals in two games: has the defense become is in difficulty?
“Six goals in two games, you think it’s a defensive attitude problem, but Saturday’s difficulties were also other, as I explained in the previous answer. The hope is that this defeat will serve as a lesson; we all have to settle down ”.

At the top of the Serie A standings there are three teams. Let’s start with Milan, is Marassi’s victory a feat?
“Sampdoria comes out with their heads held high but Milan in 10 proved to be a team in the true sense of the word, fighting man against man by virtue of an excellent physical condition, without forgetting that they had played in the Champions League. Lea’s dismissal is incredible: he was booked after 10 minutes, it is logical that it was a risk, he had to be removed before the red. The most dangerous player in Milan has been expelled, the one who most of all knows how to force plays. In the second half Milan did not disdain long football, while in the first half they deserved the advantage. Pioli had set up the match well, high recovery and reasoned possession ”.

Then Naples and Atalanta …
Napoli won a very complicated game, but looked tired against a well-placed Spezia. The greatest determination of the Neapolitans won, when the race seemed over. Raspadori is the testimony of the character of Napoli. To see the good game you have to go back to Liverpool.
Good Cremonese and an excellent Radu, but Atalanta struggled, rather slow rhythms, a draw was all in all just right. Atalanta created more, it’s peaceful, but Cremose held up well. Gasperini’s team remains at the top of the standings ”.

Very hard win for Inter. Is it the fault of the Champions’ efforts?
“Inter also won at the end, with Torino having the game in hand for long stretches, supported by an excellent physical condition, unlike Inter which seemed to suffer from the fatigue of the Champions League. Handanovic was decisive in a couple of situations ”.

Is Udinese the big surprise of these first 5 days of the championship?
“Udinese continues its magical moment, the result of Sottil’s excellent work. It is true that Sassuolo remained in 10, but Udinese showed an authority that is no longer surprising. Fourth consecutive victory, it is clear that they are working very well ”.

Is Juventus not out of the crisis, is it only the fault of the injuries?
“Juve can’t do that for the first half, but it’s not the team that people expect from the start of the season. Juve plays more with instinct and nerves than with qualities. Also for this reason the Salernitana, which has better playing concepts, held the victory in hand almost until the end. Final in yellow hues, everything happened. The absences are heavy, Pogba and Di Maria, but Juve’s performances are not acceptable.
The problems with the Var increase, sometimes it is interpreted differently. And then the offside rule is obsolete, there must be light between one player and another. Here we are discussing centimeters…. “.

Bologna exonerates Mihajlovic and regains victory …
“Let’s start with Fiorentina which is continuing in its difficult period and it is not clear why; Thiago Motta’s new Bologna has to thank Arnautovic, already six goals.

Does Monza’s draw in Lecce save Stroppa’s bench?
“First point for Monza, I hope Stroppa could have saved the bench. For Lecce, more than a point taken is a point lost ”.

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