Giuliani: “Including specialists in schools to prevent episodes of violence. Onerous but necessary solution”

Intervened at Radio Cusano Campusin the usual director’s corner, Alexander Giulianidirector of the School techniquetook stock of the strictly topical situation regarding school.


Giuliani commented on the latest developments regarding the case of teacher who punched a student who was annoying him: “A file has been opened on the teacher for abuse of means of correction. You will most likely have to explain to the judge what happened in class. I also say this to warn the many who had used words of appreciation, almost, towards the teacher, of solidarity. We have always reiterated that it is a broken reaction, which should never happen”.

Here you are what is the professor risking?: “There was also a complaint from the family. At the same time there is the administrative procedure within the school which could lead to suspension. There is also a third procedure of a civil nature which compensates for moral as well as material damage. This could result in a large compensation to the family. A similar story, however, concerning sexual harassment perpetrated at school, saw the institute receive compensation for damage to its image. A teacher who faces these problems then has his work cut out for him”.

Cases of violence at school: how to act?

The fact that there is a problem of violence in schools it is now established: “There is a greater intolerance on the part of the students. Covid has been harmful, there is less patience on the part of the kids in accepting the rules and being educated. The classes also continue to be very consistent in terms of numbers: just a few elements are enough to trigger these situations. There is definitely an increase in cases and that needs to be addressed.”

Here’s how you could try to prevent this type of episodes according to our director: “The public service of the school is starting to be deficient and needs interventions. The solution, which is very expensive, could be the inclusion in the school of figures specialized in supporting teachers, students and families such as psychologists, doctors and experts”.

Orientation, the importance of making the right choice

In the end Alexander Giuliani he focused on the theme of increasingly frequent changes of section or address of studentsthe cause of which is often theParental interference in children’s choices: “It is a trend that continues to be in vogue even in 2022. What results is an outflow from students enrolled in high schools. Children are often forced to enroll in high school but this may not correspond with the attitudes of the boy. If the transition takes place in the two-year period, in which the subjects are more or less the same in all fields, everything happens more or less painlessly. But if it happens beyond that, bigger problems arise, given the presence of addressing subjects”.

“We are in the middle of the orientation period. We appeal to students and families to go to schools and research well before choosing”, he concluded Giuliani.

Giuliani: “Including specialists in schools to prevent episodes of violence. Onerous but necessary solution” – PODCAST