Giovanni Mascena, the greatest dog trainer in Piedmont, has died

His community, a few days ago, in the church of Lombardore, gave him a last farewell. John Mascena he passed away at the age of 56 after a long illness that he tried to fight, to manage but which, unfortunately, in the end, he won.

Giovanni leaves behind his beloved wife, Angela, a life partner of 20 years, and their children: Gioele, 18, and Aurora, 16.

Mascena was a leading figure in the area, known and appreciated for his innate passion for dogs. A passion so great that, a few years ago, it had led him to abandon his job as a sales agent to create the “The Dog Island”in via Vittime di Bologna, in Leinì.

The Dog Island was born in Leinì from the passion for dogs and the twenty-year experience of its President, Giovanni Mascena.

To support him a large group of qualified instructors ENCI And CS extension who deal with competitive disciplines such as Agility Dog, Rally-O, Dog Dance and Obedience.

In particular, Giovanni dealt with the cases of dogs with serious behavioral and aggressive problems both towards their peers and towards humans.

The success of the center was practically immediate, many owners entrusted their dogs to Giovanni who managed to calm them, train them, help them. Something incredible, beautiful, unrepeatable.

Thanks to this success, over the years the center has expanded into the municipalities of Rivarolo Canavese, Caselle Torinese and Turin, bringing professionalism and expertise in the field to the area.

In 2013 Giovanni’s skills arrive on television: he trains the bulldog that enters the film “Aspiring widower“, interpreted by Fabio De Luigi and Luciana Littizzetto.

There are many stories of rescued dogs, the work he did between owner and animal to create a symbiosis that he considered fundamental, vital.
In this sense, the story of Frida and King is undoubtedly significant, first aggressive dogs, to be put down, and then, thanks to Giovanni’s intervention, become police dogs. All thanks to an 18-month job with which Giovanni managed to change the character of the animals.

Giovanni Mascena with his wife Angela

There were many condolence messages on social media.

“Unfortunately The dog island – they write on the Facebook page of his dog center – greets his Great Coach. An honest and loyal person, with great values ​​and incredible tenacity. We know that you will continue to keep an eye on us, with your watchful eye that nothing escapes… The big family of red jackets will continue to live and carry on the passion that you have passed on to each of us. Have a good rest coach… even if, knowing you, you’ll end up doing some agility training for Stella and Lucky even from up there. “You are in the soul. And there we leave you forever. Suspended. Still. Still image. A sign that never goes away.” Hi coaches. Hi John.”

Greetings also from the National Educational Sports Center, Cinofilia sector (CSEN).

“We learn with great pain – they write on Facebook – the untimely death of our friend and collaborator Giovanni Mascena. Giovanni was, and still was, the Referent for the agility dog ​​of Piedmont. Thanks to his sunny, serene and always welcoming character towards others, he has managed to coagulate the dog schools of a very complicated and vast region. His team spirit has managed to infect everyone by creating an atmosphere of healthy and fruitful collaboration. Just like he was.
Massimo Perla, Francesco Brescia and the whole dog sector gather around Giovanni’s family, his wife Angela and their children Gioele and Aurora, his closest friends and all the dog schools in Piedmont (and beyond) who have had the good fortune to work with him. The Cinofilia sector of CSEN is grateful to have had the opportunity to share an important piece of its journey with Giovanni, whose contribution will always be alive in future activities. Thanks for everything Giovanni, we will treasure everything you have built and all the passion you have shared with all of us”.

These days The Dog Island has chosen to take another step in memory of John.

“The Dog Island family and staff have decided to promote – they say from the association – ufundraiser in the name of Giovanni Mascena, supporting research in favor of the AiL-Italian Association against Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma”.

On social media there were many, hundreds of messages of condolence. We too in the editorial team join the pain of the family and offer our deepest condolences.


Giovanni Mascena, the greatest dog trainer in Piedmont, has died