Fabio Liverani and his wife Federica Frangipane, who died after an illness: “He helped others until the end”

from Monica Scozzafava

The woman, 46, disappeared on Tuesday 20 September. With the former footballer they met at school, then they separated. To her children he always said: It’s okay

Federica the girl he met at school, the girlfriend who encouraged him during the years of football at the oratory. Federica was the wife of Fabio Liverani and above all the mother of his children, Mattia and Lucrezia. Federica was Federica Frangipane, who passed away last Tuesday at the age of 46, after a long battle against cancer. Liverani, much better known, a successful former footballer (he was bought in 2001 by Lazio for 25 billion lire), who is now a coach (at Cagliari), and who has never left her alone, despite their roads had long divided. A close-knit couple but far from the spotlight, in the good years and even in the most difficult ones. The separation had never really divided them, united by the will to raise their children in an atmosphere of serenity. Even during her illness, Federica fought with the smile of strength and hope, spending herself on other sick people who, like her, underwent cancer treatment and suffered the consequences. On her Facebook profile she has a few photos of her but smiling. To those who asked her how she was, she: Very well, thank you.

Tuesday Lecce, the club where Liverani coached for three seasons, from 2017 to 2020, winning a double promotion from Serie C to B and from B to Serie A, announced the mourning on their social profiles and thus testified the closeness to the family. Then Cagliari, Palermo, Cosenza, Perugia, Viterbese, Naples, Lazio: all the clubs where Liverani was a footballer have written a message for Federica. Roman, with an exuberant character. Solar, and therefore never really defeated by her illness: whoever was close to her tells it exactly how she is. She fought together with her boys, she had the support of her husband Fabio even though in fact he was no longer a husband. And probably, as jealous of her as she always was of her private life, he would not have imagined that she would be talked about so much after her. Not even as the wife of the famous footballer had she been given such fame. She, Fabio’s sidekick, who as a kid struggled to enter the world of professionalism, has experienced failures and satisfactions that his career has reserved for him. In silence, without flaps.

Federica and Fabio, separated from each other, shared the growth of their children, who are now 17 and 13 years old. Together they chose to be part of a structure, the IFO, dedicated to cancer patients that helped Federica during her illness. The Cagliari coach on her social networks thanked everyone for her and wanted to indulge her last wish: to help the association that deals with cancer patients and that tried to save her. Federica – Liverani wrote on Instagram – expressed her desire to help IFO, the structure that has offered her and our family such precious and important support. Explaining the aims: The mission is to redesign the organization around the needs of the patient and his family, starting from information up to reception, orientation and discharge. The funeral this morning in Rome in the Church of San Giuseppe Cafasso.

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Fabio Liverani and his wife Federica Frangipane, who died after an illness: “He helped others until the end”