Emanuela Orlandi and the thriller of the child run over in a pine forest: Carlos Garramon, Josè’s father, has died

from Fabrizio Peronaci

The United Nations official in 1983 became a civil party in the trial against Marco Accetti, who recently accused himself of the Orlandi-Gregori kidnappings. Who brought the little one to Castel Fusano?

For almost 40 years he lived his pain in a reserved way, on the other side of the world, without appearing. He preferred her to be his wife Maria Lauraknown in Italy for its television appearances a few years ago, to fight vigorously in the search for truth, without ever making her lack your support. But in the end Carlos Juan Garramon, 76 years oldlost his long personal battle: Jos’s father, the 12-year-old overwhelmed and killed at the end of 1983 in the pine forest of Castel Fusano, died in Uruguay at the end of a long illness, last July 22, and the news leaked only in the last days. The former senior official of theIfadthe United Nations agency specializing in agricultural projects, was the protagonist as a civil party in the trial for the street murder of her youngest boy, which took place during the period in which the family had moved to Rome. An episode still today shrouded in mystery.

It was the evening of December 20, 1983, a few months after the fifteen-year-old disappeared Emanuela Orlandi (here the complete rebuild) and of the same age Mirella Gregori, when Jos was found dead in the pine forest between Rome and Ostia. A bus driver noticed the body on the side of the road. A few hours later, the man behind the wheel of the Ford Transit van that Jos had hit was arrested: it was Marco Accept, at the time 28 years old, son of Aldo (Freemason of the Mediterranean Lodge), already divorced despite his young age, arrested the previous year for possessing a gun and mentioned by name and surname in the famous list of black extremists drawn up by Valerio Verbano . It will be the same Accept (later sentenced to 2 years and 2 months for manslaughter and wrongful death) to self-accusing 30 years later, in 2013, of the Orlandi-Gregori kidnapping. And again Accept, in 2015, to report that the coffin of Katy Skerl (17 years old killed in January 1984 in Grottaferrata) had been stolen from the Verano cemetery: a circumstance anticipated by the Courier with an on-site inspection (here the video) and then found by the Public Prosecutor of Rome in July 2022when the tomb was opened and found empty.

Carlos Garramonat the time of the trial in the Assize Court (1984-1986) in which Accetti’s lawyers managed to dismiss the accusation from voluntary manslaughter to negligence, you highlight your point of view on several occasions, especially on the crucial point: how Jos had ended up in such a remote place, if not aboard Accetti’s van, given that not even an hour before he was at ‘Eur, almost 20 kilometers away? my desire to reiterate them – wrote Carlo Garramon to the President of the Court, Umberto Feliciangeli – that my son has never caused conduct problems during its short years of life. My wife and I have never had a lie from him and we have always been kept up to date, with scrupulous accuracy, of his commitments, of the people he was dating. It was precisely this character of him that has us placed in alarm, the day of his disappearance, causing us to start a desperate search less than an hour after the closing time of the barber shop where he had gone. I trust that his high professional ability, for the sake of this company and for the purpose of relieve our painwill be able to find the reason that explains such a great and undeserved injustice.

A vain desire, unfortunately. Beyond the condemnation of the investor to a meager penalty (and the disappearance of some minutes of interrogation from the file, as reported by the family), the reconstruction of what happened was never satisfactory. Marco Accetti said that he had not seen anything because of the darkness and that he had not even noticed that he had run over a person (I thought of stones thrown against the windshield). Only after getting out and seeing the damage to the Ford Transit, he added, did I spot the little boy’s body.

Today Maria Laura Bulanti (several times received by Pope Francis) confirms the accusations that in 2015 led to a temporary and unproductive reopening of the investigations (a former Flying Squad cop also speculated a role of the Magliana band) and merely declares: Accept was a depraved. The situation got out of hand and he ended up killing him, because Jos he was extremely intelligent and when he saw the danger he escaped. In mid-February I will be in Italy with a son and two of my grandchildren – announces the woman al Courier – and we will have the opportunity to talk about it and deepen it. I don’t give up, I want the whole truth about Jos. (fperonaci@rcs.it)

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Emanuela Orlandi and the thriller of the child run over in a pine forest: Carlos Garramon, Josè’s father, has died